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There is no claimant of 108 crore rupees

Over the years, huge sums of money have been deposited in the public and private banks of the country. The amount of money that has not been owned has exceeded one hundred crores. Who has no claimant.

According to the data of the bank in Bangladesh, in 2016, various banks have deposited 15 crore 21 lakh 30 thousand taka in Bangladesh Bank. Later in 2016 10 crore 84 lakh 36 thousand taka was deposited, in 2019 10 crore 46 lakh 71 thousand taka was deposited, in 2020 34 crore 45 lakh 33 thousand taka was deposited and lastly in 2021 unclaimed deposit account 37 crore 36 lakh was deposited. 50 thousand rupees. As such, the amount of unclaimed money deposited so far is 106 crore 18 lakh 22 thousand 503 rupees.

According to Section 35 of the Banking Companies Act, 1991 (as amended till 2016), if there is no transaction as a bank for 10 years and the customer of that deposit cannot be found, the banks have to deposit the money with Bangladesh Bank.

In this regard, the executive director and spokesman of Bangladesh Bank. Sirajul Islam said that there is an instruction to send the deposit which has been lying for more than 10 years to Bangladesh Bank. Banks are handing over the money to the central bank. The central bank is depositing the money in the government treasury through a process. However, many banks have not yet deposited the money. The matter is being looked into during the inspection of those banks. If such an account is found, immediate action is taken. It is an ongoing process.

However, many banks are not complying with this provision. Although there are no claimants of deposits and valuables for 10 years, some banks are not depositing them in Bangladesh Bank. Even if it is submitted again, it is not giving information and interest calculation in proper manner. Banks have been using these unclaimed money as their assets year after year.



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