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Things to do in smartphone care 5

Things to do in smartphone care 5

Whether one is there or not, there is a smartphone as a companion of every moment. Do not regret until the screen breaks from the hand to the ground! But if you neglect it like this, there is a danger of the smartphone becoming useless before time. So even though it is a device, it needs extra care.

So know what to do to make a smartphone last for a long time-

Cannot be charged for a long time

The habit of sleeping with the phone charging causes great damage to the phone. Leaving the phone charged for a long time after it is fully charged causes the battery to swell and wear out very quickly. So if it is less than 20 percent, you have to pay the charge and if it is 99 percent, you have to remove it from the charge. Also, without getting lost in work, remember that the phone is charged.

Using a cover on the phone

If the cover is not used, the phone will be damaged. For example – water enters the phone, dust enters the various ports of the phone, there is a risk of breaking if it falls. So not only to look good, but to ensure the durability of the phone, the cover must be used.

Using a screen protector

A screen protector is a protective layer on top of the phone. Because the main screen of the phone is very fragile. It breaks when dropped or pressured. At first it seems like protector is not necessary but actually without it there is risk of phone getting damaged.

Must be cleaned regularly

How to clean the phone again may come to mind. But whether externally or internally, dirt accumulates. Even if you use a cover, fine dust gets inside the phone. In this way the phone gets damaged due to accumulation of dirt. So the phone should be cleaned regularly. You can clean the smartphone with a dry brush or cotton ball. Don’t forget to clean the phone with water or wet cloth.

Do not keep the phone in the sun

The device needs to be protected not only from water but also from the sun. Any device overheats and there is a risk of explosion. So avoid keeping and using the phone in the sun.

Use your phone gently without throwing it anywhere. Also follow the above actions. Only then can you buy a smartphone and use it for a long time.

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