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This is the first such event organized by the army in 50 years

Vibrating around the sound of gunfire, intense fighting is going on against the external enemy. Bangladesh Army is moving forward with armored vehicles. Enemy forces defeated in one attack after another. After that, the surrender of the enemy and the victory of the Damal army of Bengal.

The four-week winter training of the Bangladesh Army ‘Anushilan Navadiganta’ ended with a final offensive exercise in the Chechu Bazar area of ​​Muktagachha in Mymensingh, setting the scene for such a story.

This is the first time that the Bangladesh Army has conducted a logistics field training exercise on the golden jubilee of the victory and the 50th anniversary of the Bangladesh Army. The new weapons and equipment recently acquired by the army were used in this year’s exercise as well as the army’s logistics facilities were deployed outside the cantonment for the first time. Armored fleet, APC, long-range MLRS, Army paramilitary and Air Force fighter jets also participated in the exercise.

In this regard, the Director of the Military Intelligence Directorate at the Army Headquarters, the Command and Support Group of the Army Headquarters has been fully deployed outside the Army House and practiced. This year, for the first time in 50 years, all the logistics facilities have come out and participated.

This exercise will increase the capacity of the army, said Army Chief SM Shafiuddin Ahmed. For the first time, he said, the army is phasing out logistics FTX. Which means the army is also on the ground. In the golden jubilee of independence and Bangladesh Army, we think it is a milestone for Bangladesh and for Bangladesh Army.



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