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This time everything is in ‘Ityadi’

One of the most popular magazine programs in the country is ‘Ityadi.’ Even at this time, the popularity has not diminished to a single point. As soon as the ‘Ityadi.’ campaign started, the family members sat together to watch the program.

This time the popular show is entering its 34th year. Renowned presenter Hanif Sanket plays an important role in highlighting the history and heritage of the country. At the same time, the people in the remote areas of the country who are averse to publicity and engaged in public welfare are highlighted in this program.

The episode of this year’s event was held in front of the historical post bungalow in the Teliapara tea garden of Madhabpur upazila of Habiganj district.

On 11th December, in front of the historic bungalow, ‘Ityadi’ was held in an orderly manner with a limited number of visitors following the hygiene rules. Special masks Ityadi. are given to all the spectators keeping in view the health protection. The event is held on the illuminated stage, which is similar to the manager’s bungalow, from 6 pm to 11 pm.

This time there are two songs in ‘Ityadi.’ Artists Samina Chowdhury and Fahmida Nabi sang a patriotic song written by Mohammad Rafiquzzaman and sung by Ibrar Tipu in their memory. Hundreds of local dancers performed dances with another song which was an introduction to various places of interest in Habiganj. The song is written by Mohammad Rafiquzzaman, composed by Naved Parvez, voiced by Riyadh and Tanzina Ruma. Dance directed by Monirul Islam Mukul.

There are three factual reports about the bungalow of the manager of Teliapara Tea Garden which is intertwined with the history, heritage, various places of interest and the memory of the Liberation War. At the same time, a technology-loving businessman named Faridul Alam will be shown in this program.

There is an educational report on Samiun Alim Saad, a seven and a half year old wonder boy from Kaliganj in Jhenaidah. That child is not abusing mobile but using this technology to leave a signature of wonderful talent.

In the last episode, which was aired on October 29, Shahed Kayes, a self-confident young man from Sonargaon, was paid Rs. This episode has a follow-up report on his floating school.

Chuadanga district traffic police sergeant Mrityunjay Biswas also has a follow-up report on bird love, which was aired on January 29. If the consciousness of humanity and conscience is awakened – success can be brought in the life of others just as one can be successful in oneself. This year’s event also has an inspiring humanitarian report on two people. This is where the report on the wonderful subject and place of faith under the heading of foreign report begins. This episode follows in its footsteps an informative report on the ancient Greek archeological site Acropolis.

This time too, along with the regular episodes, there are some juicy but sharp narrations about various contemporary events. There are a number of themes on various topics, including the unambiguous confession of the envious, the unscrupulous shopper when shopping, the showmanship of the people, the type of fair, the love of the screen versus the real love, the discrepancy of power with demand, the surprising logic of getting rid of technology abuse. Mukimul Anwar Mukim, the regular art director of Ityadi., was in the art direction and stage planning as usual.

As always, Fagun Audio Vision has created ‘Ityadi’ in the composition and management and presentation of Hanif Sanket. As usual, it is sponsored by Keya Cosmetics Limited. This episode of Ganamanush’s favorite show Ityadi. will be aired simultaneously on BTV and BTV World on 31st December (Friday) after 8 pm Bangla News.



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