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This time the US news agency published a report on the genocide in Myanmar

The Associated Press (AP) has published an investigative report on the military’s genocide of civilians in Myanmar after the BBC and Al Jazeera.

The epicenter was reported below the ground, however; no tsunami alert was issued. The AP published the report based on 40 eyewitnesses, social media, satellite footage and the death toll.

Last October and December, drone footage captured a fireworks display in the northwestern Myanmar city of Thantlong. At that time houses, schools, colleges, churches and other structures were burnt down.

Since the Myanmar government took power in February this year, various human rights groups have claimed that the military has carried out various forms of torture and genocide against civilians in the country. Earlier, Qatar-based Al Jazeera and the BBC published an investigative report on the genocide in Myanmar. This time, the US news agency AP published an investigative report on the matter.

The search was carried out by 40 eyewitnesses, analyzing various images, satellite and drone footage of the devastation spread on social media, the agency said. It further said that most of the torture and destruction was carried out in the town of Thantlang. Witnesses said they carried out massacres and violence against civilians as well as anti-junta protesters throughout the village. The same picture can be seen in the satellite footage captured by AP. Last September, the army set fire to at least 560 buildings in the city. Residents were forced to flee their homes to escape the violence.
Earlier, in July, at least 43 people were killed and left in the jungle by Myanmar’s military. According to the news agency, several pictures and videos of the tortured and mutilated bodies have also come into the hands of the AP.

Various human rights organizations, including the United Nations, have expressed concern over the military’s crackdown on civilians in Myanmar.

The United States has said that those responsible for the killings will be held accountable. Meanwhile, the junta government has denied allegations of military torture against civilians. The Foreign Office has described the allegations as anti-government propaganda.

Hundreds of people in Myanmar’s Karen province also gathered on the Thai border in the face of an army operation on Monday. However, Thai authorities tightened security at the border to prevent intrusion. In the last few days, thousands of Myanmar people have taken refuge in the border areas of Thailand to save their lives in the face of military torture.

Myanmar’s government, meanwhile, has come under fire around the world since the media reported on Friday that civilians, including children, had been killed and cremated in Kaya province. Condemned by the United States, Australia, the European Union and the United Nations.



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