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Those who are more affected by Omicron

Mentioning that Omicron has been identified in the bodies of 10 people in Bangladesh so far, he said, “At one time we said that a large number of men are being infected.” According to data from South Africa, women are more likely to be infected with Omicron than men. At the same time, the number of young people being infected is high. At one time it was said that young people would not be affected by immunization. Omicron has proved that idea wrong. We have also seen children being infected in South Africa and Europe.

Robed Amin said that none of the vaccines that are being given to us are 100% effective in preventing Omicron. For those who have previously received the two-dose vaccine, the antibody levels of the vaccine may gradually decrease. It is said that those who have taken two vaccines of Kovid-19 should take booster dose. This is because even after taking a booster dose, it is seen that the levels of antibodies increase a lot which is expected to be effective against Omicron.

“We are having a number of tests here and the number of tests is slowly increasing,” he said. Since our case is also increasing. Last week, 20 percent more tests were done than the previous week. The number of our deaths has also increased in the last 7 days. A month-long vaccine campaign is being considered across the country to prevent corona.

Earlier, Health Department officials said there was no change in the taste and smell of Omicron victims. If the nose gets wet in the cold, there is not much fear of Omicron infection. However, in case of dry cough and sore throat, Kovid must be examined. If the Covid report is positive, the sample will be sent directly from the Department of Health to Genome Sequencing without delay.

One study found that all Omicron sufferers have a sore throat. Ryan Noak, chief executive of Discovery Health in South Africa, said in a recent briefing that doctors examine the symptoms in corona sufferers. But the symptoms of Omicron are slightly different from the rest.

Coughing, mild fever, and fatigue without a sore throat are all early signs of omicron, scientists say. However, the symptoms that will appear in everyone’s body, it is not. However, Ryan Noak warned that Omicron should not be taken lightly as the symptoms are not serious.

Incidentally, this variant was identified on November 24 in South Africa. According to a UK study, booster doses are effective in preventing this variant. But the World Health Organization says the booster dose will accelerate the epidemic. So far, Corona variant Omicron has spread to 108 countries around the world. According to experts, Omicron is less risky than Delta but more contagious.



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