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Those who got ‘Joy Bangla Youth Award 2021’

In recognition of playing an important role in the formation of the country, 15 youth organizations received the ‘Joy Bangla Youth Award 2021’. Radwan Mujib Siddique, grandson of the Father of the Nation and CRI trustee, handed over the Joy Bangla Youth Award to the winners at this year’s event organized by Young Bangla, an affiliate of the Center for Research and Information (CRI).

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addressed the gathering. Apart from this, Sajeeb Wazed, grandson of the Father of the Nation and Chairman of CRI also delivered the speech.

Applications are invited to work on reduction of communal inequality and protection of rights, skills development, universal education, employment opportunities especially for the able-bodied, cultural revolution, innovation, sports and fitness, raising public awareness, reduction of gender inequality and many more. For awarding Bangla Youth Award. In response to that request, more than 600 organizations announced their initiatives.

From there, the 12-member star-studded jury board nominated 31 organizations for the award. The board consisted of Liberation War Museum founder trustee Mofidul Haque, former Bangladesh Bank governor Atiur Rahman, cricketer and MP Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, actress Jaya Ahsan, MP Nahim Razzak, entrepreneurs Asiya Khaleda Neela and Zara Mahbub, environment protectionist filmmaker Shahriar Rezar. Shahriar Sumit, television newsreader Tasnuva Shishir, entrepreneur Swarnalatha Roy and journalist Parimal Palma. The Joy Bangla Youth Award was handed over to 15 people from these 31 organizations.

Let’s find out about the winners of this year’s Joy Bangla Youth Award-

1. Amiya Prapan Chakraborty (Arka) – Dhrubatara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF): Founded in 2000, Dhrubatara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF) has been working for youth empowerment and development in the country for the last 21 years. 48,000 youths have received assistance in their activities in 44 districts.

2. Mohammad Shams Jabbar – Tech Academy: Founded in 2013, the goal of Tech Academy is to spread educational information through gaming. Leading the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ teaches future technology skills such as parenting, animation, coding, game development and robotics to children between the ages of 6 and 18. About 1,000 young people have already benefited from it. They are working at Tech Academy Jakarta and San Francisco. The Academy represents Bangladesh worldwide on various platforms.

3. Shirin Akhter Asha – Asmani Jub Nari Foundation: Asmani Jub Nari Foundation was established in 2016 for teenagers and young women. After the founder himself survived child marriage, he created this organization and stopped 294 child marriages. Besides, 2595 women have been trained through workshops. The company has also set up a factory to make sanitary napkins at low cost.

4. Esrat Karim – Amal Foundation: Established in 2014, Amal Foundation is working to expand livelihood, health care and education in the char areas of the country. More than 52,000 people have benefited through them. In addition, their social business has made 52,000 US dollars by selling products made by women in Ayoya. The organization is running 3 schools for marginalized children. The company has been recognized as one of the top 30 companies in Asia by Forbes Magazine.

5. Mashroor Ishraq – Third Eye: Third Eye was established in 2019 with the slogan ‘Share the Responsibility’. Volunteering with visually impaired students is the main activity of this organization. For such university level students, Third Eye has been conducting various activities of technical training and skill development including audio books, class records, computer training system, debate competition, pronunciation competition. The organization is also arranging stenographers for the examination of these students. The organization has helped 400 blind students.

6. Sanjidul Alam Seban Shan – Ecovision Bangladesh: Established in 2015, Ecovision Bangladesh is a research and innovation-based social enterprise. One lakh 50 thousand people have benefited from this voluntary system. It has provided lighting, solar lights and street lighting to about 90,000 people, including Rohingya refugees. Besides, 3000 disadvantaged people have become solar engineers with training. 50,000 people are getting pure water from more than 20 free solar powered water treatment plants of Ecovision Bangladesh. The company has also trained hundreds of women in making reusable pads.

7. Giri Dhar De – Complete Rare Pictures of Bangladesh: Since the establishment of ‘Rare Pictures of Bangladesh’ in 2016, it has been collecting historical documents to prevent distortion of the country’s history. The organization is working to develop the founding consciousness of Bangladesh using social media. So far, the organization has collected and published more than 60,000 history-based pictures. They want to launch a digital museum in the future. The organization has 11 lakh followers on Facebook and the reach of each of its posts is around 1 lakh.

8. Shahana Afrin Dina – Step Ahead: Established in 2016, the “Step Ahead” program works with marginalized adolescents and women in the coastal region. Under this, women’s health, hygiene kit distribution program and women’s awareness are increased. The company also provides training in handicraft making, sewing, graphics designing and cool carpet making. In addition, through a project called Home-Factory, they give women the opportunity to earn money by creating and marketing environmentally friendly products at home.

9. Fairuz Faizah Bethar – School of Mind: The School of Mind was established in 2016 with the aim of working with the mental health of young people. Counseling is provided by this organization to protect the mental health of young people. Mental health protection education is also imparted through various meetings and seminars. In 2019, Khulna University organized a workshop on the nuances of mental health with 130 students. Through this organization, about 11,000 young people who are suffering from mental stress due to the traditional trend of the society have got mental health care. The organization has representatives in 35 educational institutions in the country where we are successfully working on mental health.

10. Lamia Tanjin Tanha – Transend: Transend, a non-profit organization run by young people, was established in 2016. Working towards the goal of reducing the third gender and gender inequality, the organization works for education, training, health, empowerment and entrepreneurship. They have a number of great events both online and offline. Through which they are conducting awareness activities along with increasing the skills. Transcend has been able to create awareness among more than 345,000 people. Through them, 175 third gender citizens have been trained who are referred to as ‘Hijras’ in the society. In addition, they have provided employment to 124 third gender citizens in mainstream workplaces.

11. Yusuf Ibn Yaqub – Reflective Teens: Reflective Teens debuted in 2013. The organization is working for the maximum development of the creativity of the emerging youth. In the last 6 years, the organization has influenced more than one lakh creative teenagers. They have been working with emerging youth in organizations in a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Bhutan.

12. Ratul Dev – Zen Lab: Zen Lab has been working on three issues since 2015. Originally working for peace and diversity in society, the organization has so far been promoting religion and communal peace to 300,000 people through its counseling activities. The organization is also working on climate change. ‘Peace Caravan’ is the new activity of this organization. Under this initiative, the message of peace is conveyed to the society through art practices and digital platforms centered on the youth and professionals.

13. Abu Hassan (Jayata Polly) – Diner Alo Hijra Unnayan Mahila Sangstha: Diner Alo Hijra Unnayan Mahila Sangstha was established in 2002 for the development of the transgender community. Since then, they have been working to integrate the hijra community into the mainstream of development. In mainstream educational institutions, transgender children have the opportunity to study and train transgender people to become self-reliant. Through this many have developed as entrepreneurs. They have 900 beneficiaries.

14. Reagan Kumar Kanu – Bangladesh Tea Community Student Youth Council: Established in 2014, Bangladesh Tea Community Student Youth Council carries out various awareness campaigns among tea workers. Among them, anti-drug leaflets and posters were distributed among the youth. In addition to the quiz competition to encourage students, help in accommodation for admission test.

15. Md. Nurul Alam – Meritorious Welfare Organization (MKS): Established in 2012, Meritorious Welfare Organization (MKS) provides assistance to students deprived of education due to financial reasons. Under this, food, clothing and financial scholarships were given to the poor students of Chilmari, Kurigram. In addition, through additional teaching from primary level, they have assisted 14 students in admission to public universities and 5 students in admission to nursing institutes. With the help of the organization, 2 young women have been admitted in BKSP. In addition, they killed 37 more people



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