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Today Morning to evening strike in Rangpur City

Members of Rangpur City Bazar Businessmen’s Association are holding a protest rally demanding five points for the development of the market.

They are carrying out the program by keeping all shops and businesses closed from 8 am on Tuesday (January 18).

They complained that although the city corporation collected huge revenue from the market traders every year, it did not take any steps for its development. As a result, the traders and buyers of the market are suffering unbearably.

During the pre-announced program, the traders of the market have been holding protest processions and rallies since morning.
The protesters complained that despite repeated requests to the city corporation for market development, the authorities did not show any remorse. Business leaders are forced to go on strike.

Leaders say that if this does not work, the traders will be forced to go for a larger movement.

Meanwhile, various individuals and organizations including Tushar Kanti Mandal, general secretary of Rangpur metropolitan Awami League, have expressed support for the fair demands of traders.



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