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Trade fairs are not closing

The trade fair is not being closed due to the crisis in the country due to the impact of the new variant of coronavirus Omicron. The Ministry of Commerce has decided that the fair will be held in compliance with the health rules.

Tuesday (January 11) at noon Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce (Exports) said. Hafizur Rahman told the media, “In the light of the restrictions, we have seen that there is no difficulty in conducting the trade fair as per the instructions.” No situation was created to close the fair. It will be done as it needs to be done in the light of the rules. Market-shopping mall is going on, it is not open space either. However, as far as it is open, there will be strict monitoring to ensure that people follow the hygiene rules.

Earlier, in a circular issued on January 13, all health, political, religious ceremonies and gatherings in the open would have to be closed until further notice due to the rising incidence of covid infection.

Export Development Bureau (EPB) Secretary and Director of the Fair. Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury told the media that if the fair continues despite the restrictions announced by the government, I will definitely take more measures to comply with the hygiene rules. Strictness on hygiene will increase in the fair. I will make the restrictions like myself.

Incidentally, the trade fair has been going on in Purbachal near Dhaka since the first month of this year. In this year’s fair, various domestic and foreign products have taken place in 228 pavilions. However, before halfway through the fair, the effects of Omicron began to have a negative effect.



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