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Two teenagers disguised as men to stop their marriage

The teenage girl from Chittagong has given up the story of the movie while trying to stop her childhood marriage. They ran away from home without the help of their parents and tried to become self-reliant.

One of the teenagers even worked in the guise of a teenager for a month. In the end, after rescuing two people from Comilla in the RAB operation, they embarked on this adventurous operation after watching the Indian TV serial Crime Patrol coming out.

After more than a month, the two teenagers who ran away from home broke down in tears after getting close to their mother. Dukishori is now remorseful over the suffering of her family members. But they were helpless because of the situation. They were trying to stop their marriage as well as to be self-sufficient in relieving the lack of family. And so he fled home and took refuge elsewhere.
Dukishori of Sitakunda upazila of Chittagong mysteriously went missing on November 23. They did not return home after SSC examination. Although a GD was lodged at the police station on behalf of their family, no trace was found.

Finally, a special team of RAB called to search for the missing teenagers from three days ago. They were rescued from a house in Chandina area of ​​Comilla with the help of information technology. Radhab was also shocked to see the disguise of one of the two missing teenagers.

In this regard, RAB-7 captain Lt. Colonel MA Yusuf said that during the preliminary interrogation, the girl had informed that her family had decided to marry her after the SSC examination. But they want to continue their studies instead of getting married. Inspired by watching the Indian TV serial Crime Patrol without the help of his family, one of the teenagers first cut her hair and disguised as a teenager. After reading lungi and Punjabi, he left for Comilla by bus. Later, with the identity of their siblings, they started renting a house in Chandina, Comilla.

The family of Dukishori was lost after losing their beloved children. Along with that there were various kinds of propaganda and rumors. After getting the child back through the RAB operation, the parents are also promising not to go against the opinion of the children and decide to get married.

RAB has handed over the rescued two teenagers to their families.
According to the girl’s relatives, she is a 7th class student of a local school. A few days ago, she fell in love with a young man named Shyamal (28) through Facebook. Based on that information, the young man came to their house around 11 am on Sunday. The girl’s parents were not at home at the time. He then raped the girl. After finding out about the matter today, they went to the police station and filed a case.



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