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UP Election: Who is the Chairman

Elections were held in 638 Union Parishads (UPs) of the country in the fourth phase on Sunday (December 26). In this election, except for a few isolated incidents, the voting has been completed well. This time voting has been done through electronic voting machine (EVM) in 36 UPs and ballot papers in the rest.

According to Election Commission sources, polling started at 8 am on Sunday and ended at 4 pm. The results were announced the night after the vote count. According to the news sent by the representatives of Samay News, the candidates of Awami League nominated boat symbol have won in most of the unions of the constituency.

Out of the eight unions in Sreepur upazila of Magura, six have been won by boats and two by independent candidates.
Elected are: Abdul Halim of boat symbol in Gayeshpur union, Sebananda Biswas of boat symbol of Amalsar union, Qutbullah Hossain Mia independent candidate of pineapple symbol in Srikol union, Mosiar Rahman of boat symbol in Sreepur union, Md. Of boat symbol in Dariapur union. Abdus Sabur, Ayub Hossain Khan, Independent candidate for Pineapple symbol in Kadirpara Union, Panna Khatun for boat symbol in Sabdalpur Union and Humayunur Rashid Muhith for boat symbol in Nakol Union.

In 16 unions of Saturia and Ghior upazilas of Manikganj, nine Awami League-backed boat symbol candidates, four Awami League rebels and three BNP chairmen have been elected unofficially.
Elected in Ghior Upazila are: Samsul Alam Mollah Raushan (Boat) in Baratia Union, Abdul Quddus Madhu (Boat) in Nali Union, Harun-ur-Rashid (Boat), the current Chairman Engineer in Poyla Union, Awami League rebel candidate in Ghior Union Md. Ahidul Islam Tutul, Awami League rebel candidate Abu Mohammad in Singjuri Union. Asadur Rahman Mithu, Baniajuri SR Ansari Biltu (BNP) and Baliakhora Union. Awal Khan (BNP).
Elected in Saturia Upazila are: Abdul Rauf (Boat) in Dhankora Union, Shariful Islam (Boat) in Tilli Union, Anwar Hossain Khan (Boat) in Hargaj Union, Safiul Alam (Boat) in Dighulia Union, Alinur Box (Boat) in Dargram Union. Anwar Hossain (Boat) in Saturia Union, Mir Sohail Ahmed Chowdhury, Awami League rebel candidate in Baliati, Kazi Mohammad, Awami League rebel candidate in Baraud Union. Abdul Hai and Mohammad Ziaur Rahman (BNP) in Fakurhati Union.

According to private results, five of the seven unions in the two upazilas of Patuakhali have won boats, one rebel and one independent (BNP) candidate. Kalapara Upazila Nilganj Union boat symbol. Babul Miah, Mahmudul Hasan Sujan Mollah, independent candidate of pineapple symbol in Tiakhali union and independent (BNP) candidate of horse symbol in Chakamiya union. Mojibur Rahman has been elected chairman.
Rangabali Upazila Chalitabunia Union boat symbol. Zahidur Rahman, Ake Shamsuddin Abu Mia of boat symbol in Charmontaj Union, Saiduzzaman Mamun Khan of boat symbol of Rangabali Sadar Union, ABM Abdul Mannan of boat symbol in Chhota Baishadia Union have won.

In the fourth phase, elections have been held in 14 unions of Sirajdikhan upazila and five unions of Louhjong upazila of Munshiganj. In 9 of the 19 unions, boat symbols and in the rest, independent candidates have been elected unofficially.
Elected in 14 Unions of Sirajdikhan Upazila are: Shamsul Huda Babul (Boat) in Chitrakot Union, Debabrata Sarkar (Boat) in Shekharnagar, Mojibar Rahman (Boat) in Rajnagar, Ashraf Ali (Boat) in Kayain, Md. Basail. Saiful Islam (Boat), Advocate Abu Saeed (Pineapple) in Rushuniya, Awlad Hossain (Pineapple) on the shelf, Hafiz Fazlul Haque (Pineapple) in Latabdi, Sumon Mia (Motorcycle) in Ichapura, Golam Habibur Rahman Sohag in Boyragadi (Pineapple) ), Karim Sheikh (boat) in Madhyapara, Rafiqul Islam Dudu (pineapple) in Jainsar and Saiful Islam Mintu (pineapple) in Kola Union.
On the other hand, elected in five unions of Louhjong Upazila are: Haji Abdul Malek Sikder (Pineapple) in Boultali Union, Abul Kalam Azad (Boat) in Khidirpara, Faruk Iqbal Mridha (Boat) in Bejgaon, Bidyut Alam Moral (Pineapple) in Conksar (Kalma) and Kalma in Union .
It may be mentioned that out of 10 unions of Louhjong upazila, candidates of boat symbol have been elected unopposed in four unions earlier. Voting did not take place in another union due to border issues.

In 18 Union Parishad elections of Noakhali Sadar and Kabirhat upazilas, 9 Awami League candidates and 7 independent candidates have been elected unofficially.
Sadar Upazila Charamatua Union Awami League candidate. Kamal Uddin Bablu, Rahim Chowdhury in Qadir Hanif Union, Amir Hossain Bahadur in Neyazpur Union and Golam Hossain Bablu in Ashwadia Union have been elected unofficially.
Besides, independent candidate Mizanur Rahman Shipon in Sadar Upazila Dadpur Union, Md. Aojbalia Union. Belal Hossain, Faisal Bari Chowdhury in East Charmatua Union, Shahadat Ullah Selim in Kaladraf Union and Md. In Underchar Union. Jasim Uddin has won privately.
Awami League candidates from Kabirhat Upazila AKM Siraj Ullah Siraj in Narottampur Union, Jasim Uddin Shahin in Batia Union, Mohiuddin Titu in Chaprashirhat Union, AKM Alauddin Bhuiyan in Ghoshbagh Union and Md. Dhansindri Union. Kamal Khan has been elected unofficially.
Independent candidates in Kabirhat Upazila Sundalpur Union Mohammad Ilias and Dhanshalik Union. Shahabuddin has won privately.

Elections have been held for 12 Union Parishads, including one in Netrokona Sadar Upazila, seven in Mohanganj Upazila and four in Khaliajuri Upazila. In the election, Awami League nominated candidate has won in eight out of 12 posts, Awami League rebel candidate in three and BNP independent candidate in one.
The winners in seven unions of Mohanganj upazila are: Motahar Hossain Chowdhury (boat) in Barkashia-Birampur union, Md. In Baratali-Baniahari union. Sohag Talukder (Horse), Shafiqul Islam Chowdhury Jahar (Boat) in Tetulia Union, Abu Bakar Siddique (Boat) in Maghan-Shiadar Union, Aminul Haque Sohel (Boat) in Social Sahils Union, Kamrul Hasan Selim (Boat) in Suair Union and Gaglabjur Union Rahman Habib (boat).
Boats have been defeated in three of the four unions in Khaliajuri upazila. Abul Kalam Azad (boat) in Chakua Union, Shamim Moral (horse) in Krishnapur Union, Debesh Chandra Talukder (Pineapple) in Nagar Union and BNP leader Abdur Rauf Swadhin (Pineapple) in Gazipur Union have won in Khaliajuri.
Postponed election has been held in Madanpur union of Netrokona Sadar upazila. Awami League nominated candidate Kamruzzaman Faras Dilip has won.

Three candidates of Awami League’s boat symbol have been elected as chairmen in 10 unions including 9 in Shyamnagar upazila and one in Tala upazila of Satkhira and independent candidates in the remaining seven unions.
The elected chairmen are: Gazi Anishuzzaman Anich, rebel (independent) candidate of Awami League in Kashimari union of Shyamnagar upazila, Bakhtiyar Ahmed, candidate of boat symbol in Nurnagar union, Abdur Rahim, independent candidate in Kaikhali, independent candidate in Dwip union Gabura, BNP leader GM Masudul Alam, Burig Supported Haji Nazrul Islam, Awami League rebel (independent) candidate Sheikh Al Mamun in Ramzannagar Union, independent candidate in Padmapukur Union BNP leader Md. Amjadul Islam, Awami League rebel (independent) candidate Abu Saleh in Atulia Union and Asim Kumar Mridha, candidate for boat symbol in Munshiganj Union.
Meanwhile, Sheikh Azizur Islam, the candidate for the boat symbol, has won the Kumira Union Parishad election in Tala Upazila.

Elections have been held in two unions of Palash upazila of Narsingdi and nine unions of Manohardi upazila. Out of the total 11 unions, four independents (rebels) and seven Awami League candidates have won the post of private chairman.
The winners are: Kamrul Islam Gazi (Boat) in Jinardi of Palash Upazila, Mofazzal Hossain Ratan (Boat) in Charsindur Union, Abdur Rauf Hiron (Boat) in Chandanbari of Manohardi Upazila, Sadiqur Rahman Shamim (Boat) in Shukundi, Mubarak Hossain in Kachikata (Boat). M Sultan Uddin (boat), Zakir Hossain Akand (boat) at Lebutala, Abul Barkat Robin (independent) at Gotasia, Sharif Mahmud Khan Bahalul (independent) at Daulatpur, Fakhrul Mannan Muktu (boat) at Chalakchar and Mollah Rafiqul Islam Faruk at Ekduaria Union.

Elections have been held for 15 Union Parishads of Vijaynagar and Akhaura upazilas of Brahmanbaria. In 5 out of 10 unions of Vijayanagar upazila, Awami League nominated candidate has won privately. The Awami League rebels have won the remaining five.
Awami League rebel candidate Chaidul Islam in Budhanti union of Vijaynagar upazila, Awami League nominated chairman candidate Shamiul Haque Chowdhury in Chandura union, Awami League rebel candidate Ziaul Haque Bakul in Ichapura union, Awami League rebel candidate Anwar Hossain Chowdhury in Champaknagar union, Awami League candidate Saroya Rahman in Harashpur union , Awami League rebel candidate Tajul Islam has been elected in Pattan Union.
Awami League candidate Monirul Islam in Singerbill Union, Awami League rebel candidate Jamal Uddin in Bishnupur Union, Awami League candidate Dana Mia Bhuiyan in Charaislampur Union and Awami League candidate Abul Kalam in Paharpur Union have been elected.
Independent candidate Mahbubul Alam Chowdhury in Moniyand Union of Akhaura Upazila, Shafiqul Islam in Dharkhar Union, Abdul Matin in Mogra Union, Md. In Akhaura North Union. Shahjahan Telephone and Jalal Uddin have been elected in Akhaura South Union.

Awami League has won in 3 of the 12 unions of the two upazilas of Nilphamari, Zak’s party in one and independent candidates in the remaining 8. In two of the seven unions of Dimla upazila, Awami League candidates and in the remaining five independent candidates have been elected chairman.
Elected are: Abul Kashem Sarkar (Boat) in Dimla Sadar, Anwarul Haque Sarkar (Boat) in West Chhatnai Union, Abdul Latif Sarkar (Pineapple) in East Chhatnai Union, Ekramul Haque Chowdhury (Horse) in Jhunagach Chapani Union, Jahedul Islam (Pineapple) in Balapara Union. , Ahmed Imtiaz (Pineapple) in Nautara Union and Shahiduzzaman Sarkar (Horse) in Khalisha Chapani Union.
Besides, Awami League in one of the five unions of Syedpur upazila, Zak’s party in one and independent candidates in the other three have been elected as chairman.
Among them are Shahzada Sarkar of Awami League (Boat) in Bangalipur Union, Nanchu Hasan Chowdhury (Rose Flower) of Zak Party in Kashiram Belpukur Union, Masud Rana Pilot (Motorcycle) in Khata Madhupur Union, Anwar Hossain Sarkar (Motorcycle) in Kamarpukur Union and Botlagari Union ) Has been selected.



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