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Use and misuse of flags

State directives are occasionally issued in parallel with the legal provisions for the protection of the national flag. A warning was also issued earlier this year by the Cabinet Division. At the district level, on the occasion of National Day, the people in uniform did not show due respect to the national flag and were busy hoisting the flag with the deputy commissioner. Such warnings from the top echelons of the administration also convey the message of sincerity with due diligence. The message is aimed specifically at the police. In the face, in the notification, even if it is in the law, the reality of respecting the national flag in the country is very sad. The above disrespect of the police or law enforcement officers is more common than others. In addition to disrespect, the administration and the top brass of various organizations are doing more and more in the field to misuse the flag. That is, you are healing wherever you can.

In some countries of the world, if the national flag is torn or dirty, it cannot be thrown away. It is burned or buried with the utmost respect. Also with the public eye. Rules including size of national flag, time of day, hoisting and lowering, hanging are also in force in Bangladesh. It is also clear who is entitled to carry the flag, at home, in the car, in front or behind, when and for how long. If you want to hoist the flag of Bangladesh with the flag of another country, you have to decide which one is before and which one is after.

In the Flag Rules of 1972, the rules for the use of flags in Bangladesh are very clear. In accordance with Rule 4-1 of 1972, the flag of Bangladesh is hoisted on special occasions in government and private buildings and offices of diplomatic missions abroad. Pursuant to Rule 8 (3), the President and the Prime Minister are entitled to hoist the ‘Flag of Bangladesh’ on their motor vehicles, vessels and aircraft. Pursuant to 6 (4), a total of 6 classes of persons are entitled to hoist the ‘flag of Bangladesh’ in their motor vehicles and vessels. They are- (a) the Speaker of the National Assembly; (B) the Chief Justice; (C) Ministers; (D) the Chief Whip; (E) the Deputy Speaker of Parliament; (F) Leader of the Opposition in Parliament (g) Persons with the rank of Minister; (H) Head of Diplomatic / Consular / Mission of Bangladesh located abroad. And according to the latest Rule 6 (5), persons holding the rank of Minister of State and Minister of State, persons holding the rank of Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister shall be entitled to hoist the ‘Flag of Bangladesh’ in their motor vehicles and vessels while traveling in or out of the country.

In the month of December of Independence or March of Independence, in the show-down of emotion, excitement, ignorance, intent or bravery, the desecration of the national flag has come to a standstill. The madness of making clothes with national flag or national flag is also old. By showing devotion, it has become fashionable, which in turn is an insult to the national flag. With this, the culture of not accepting the call has to be tolerated. Otherwise you have to restrain yourself pretending not to see. Many do not even realize that the display or hoisting of the national flag is not free or restricted by law. This category is different. The real noise is elsewhere. The root cause of the problem is the greedy mentality of some people towards the right to fly the flag knowingly. Although few bureaucrats in the republic have the right to use the flag due to its importance or status, in reality the flag-stand is being used equally in government-issued vehicles. The disease of honor or power is sometimes talked about, but later merged into another issue. Due to the inevitability of the situation, the exclusion of the use of national flags by the Election Commissioners from the draft law on their own powers was discussed and appreciated. Some other commissions and institutions have not yet come to a decision. They prefer to give more importance to customs or official notes than to regulations.

From time to time various interpretations of the rules, state and administrative directives, bravery of power, determination of equivalence or imposition are taken by some as an opportunity to practice noise. There, logic is made more important than rules. Or keep quiet or avoid. The argument is being made about the addition of identity boards in the cars of the secretaries – without the identity boards, they are embarrassed in state and government functions. When it comes to Independence and Victory Day celebrations at Bangabhaban, flag-bearing and star-marked cars get priority in car parking. Judges used to use only the flag of the Supreme Court before the national flag. Moreover, there is an established practice of using the flag by the officers in the command posts of the Defense Forces. Foreign ambassadors and heads of development agencies also use their flags. MP’s car also has a separate monogram. The heads of various autonomous organizations are also walking around swearing their flags on their cars. The inner courtyard of Bangabhaban was filled with so many flags and star-studded vehicles. All other vehicles including the secretary’s car were sent out. At the end of the ceremony, some of the secretaries have to get the car.

The airport is a special place for VIP facilities. It’s hard to resist the urge to use the VIP lounge there. Even those who are not close to VIPs enjoy one of the happiest things in the world using the VIP lounge at the airport. Unnecessary flag-stands in government vehicles are not looked upon with respect. Instead, he cut various comments. The law enforcement agencies, especially the traffic police, are suffering. It is impossible for them to check the flag-bearing car from time to time. It is not possible to ask the true identity of the occupant of the car. It does not fall into etiquette. Moreover, they are obliged to give legal protocol to these vehicles. Giving. What happens on the other side of the road when you try to pay homage to a car with a flag or a stand is not a matter of time.

Author: journalist-columnist; News Editor, Banglavision



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