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Various cash servers including Google-Facebook-YouTube are being shut down today

Hundreds of cash servers of various organizations including Google, Facebook and YouTube will be shut down on Friday (December 31). Marginal customers are already suffering from internet usage.

The BTRC says that in the interest of national security, no one will have a cash server except the designated operator from now on. Servers on the shutdown list have been given the opportunity to move. However, due to the non-cooperation of Facebook and Google, it could not be used, complained the internet service providers.

Cache Server is basically an affiliate network system connected to the main server of Google, Facebook and YouTube. If any customer of Bangladesh wants information or video on Google, Facebook or YouTube, it is first provided from the main server. Once the customer sees the relevant content, it is automatically credited to the cash servers of the domestic internet service providers. Then the same content is delivered instantly from the local cash server if another customer wants to see it.

However, in the interest of national security, the BTRC has directed to remove cash servers from small and medium enterprises other than IIGs, Knicks, Nationwide ISPs and mobile operators by Friday, December 31.

Internet service providers say that at present there are 1600 servers of global organizations like Google and Facebook in Bangladesh. However, due to the non-cooperation of Facebook and Google, about three and a half hundred servers which are in the marginal stage have not been removed yet.

ISPAB President Imdadul Haque said, “BTRC has given us NOC but we are not getting any support from Google, Facebook, YouTube and those who are here locally.”

Although the new decision does not cause much suffering in the city, consumers in rural areas are suffering due to the slowness of the internet. Inequality will also increase in the service sector.

President Imdadul Haque said that those who are on the marginal level will not get the desired bandwidth.

Syed Almas Kabir, president of BASIS, said that of course an inequality is being created. Those with small ISPs are in trouble.

The BTRC says Google’s cache servers, set up without authorization, are a threat to security.

Engineer Mohiuddin Ahmed, commissioner of BTRC’s engineering and operations department, said various rumors were spreading across the country. Which we have no resolution or control. With everything in front of us we can basically call the cash server re-arranged.

Earlier, the BTRC had directed to remove the cash server by July 31, but at the request of the service providers, the deadline was extended to December 31.



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