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‘Victory Flower’ of the month of victory in exile

Every year in the month of Victory, Victory Day ‘Victory Flower’ is celebrated in Milan, Italy. Which has become popular among the expatriates day by day.

In the hall room of the Bangladesh Consulate General Office in Milan, Italy, like every year, a supplement was published to commemorate the great victory of independence. The event was inaugurated by Consulate General of Milan Bangladesh MJH Jabed. Two expatriate freedom fighters paid special tribute.

In order to highlight the history of the great liberation war of Bangladesh among the new generation of Bangladeshi expatriates growing up in exile, Vijayaful program is organized in Milan, Italy every year in the month of Vijay. Milan Bangla Press Club Italy, Bangladesh Cultural Consulate General Milan Italy is the co-organizer of the event organized jointly by Shikar Cultural Organization and Vijay Flower Celebration Committee.

Reazul Islam Kawshar, Founder President of Milan Bangla Press Club Italy, who is also the Coordinator of Vijay Flower Celebration Committee, presented the Victory Flower to the Consul General. Expatriates from all walks of life are happy to participate in the event.
On the occasion of Vijay Phul, a supplement was published with various writings of expatriates based on the liberation war. Consul General MJH Jabed unveiled the wrapper and thanked and welcomed the arrangement of Vijaya Flower in the land of exile.

Welcoming the audience was Reazul Islam Kawsar, the founding president of the Milan Press Club. Consul and Embassy Head Sabbir Ahmed, Community Personality Akram Hossain, Acting President of Milan Lombardia Awami League Golden Star Abdul Mannan Malitha, Acting General Secretary Md. Hanif Shipon, Delwar Hossain Mollah, Mujibur Rahman Harej, Jamil Ahmed, Rahman Khan were present as special guests. Mamun Hawladar, Mominur Rahman, Tofail Ahmed Khan Tapu, Mamun Khan, Ibrahim Mia, and journalist Tuhin Mahmud, General Secretary of Shikar Cultural Organization were in charge.

The main attraction of the program was the memory of two heroic freedom fighters Engineer Lokman Hossain and Nur Mohammad Ekattar. During the liberation war, everyone was overwhelmed with emotion when they heard about them and other heroic freedom fighters. Later they taught each other victory flowers.

Through the arrangement like Victory Flower, the new generation of expatriate Bangladeshis will know the history of the Liberation War, the importance of Independence and Sovereign Victory Day and the red and green flag of Bangladesh will fly in the land of exile. This is the expectation of the organizers and the Italian expatriates.



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