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Voting is going on in the fourth phase of UP elections

In the fourth phase, voting has started in 640 Union Parishads (UP) general, by-elections in different UPs and by-elections for vacant posts in different upazilas. Voting will start at 8 am on Sunday (December 26) and will continue uninterrupted until 4 pm.

Although this vote was supposed to be on 23rd December. However, the Election Commission changed that date and fixed December 26 as the new date for voting. Originally, the date was postponed due to HSC examination and at the request of the Ministry of Education.

According to the EC, in the fourth phase, voting in 36 Union Parishads and three municipalities will be held through Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). The EC has also issued a special circular for voting in EVMs. At the same time, a monitoring cell has been formed to monitor the overall situation of the election.

According to the EC, in the fourth phase, a total of 46,572 nominations were submitted for the three posts of chairman, reserved women member and general member in the UP vote. A total of 4,918 people, including political parties, have submitted nomination papers for the post of chairman. Of these, 3,546 submitted nominations as independents. 9,750 people submitted nomination papers for the reserved women member posts and 31,604 for the general member posts. After scrutiny, the nomination of 3,614 candidates for the post of chairman, 9,513 candidates for the post of reserved women member and 30,107 candidates for the post of general member was declared valid.

According to the EC report, 47 candidates were elected unopposed for the post of chairman, 112 for reserved women members and 135 for general members in the fourth phase of UP elections. A total of 295 candidates have been elected unopposed in this phase. 17 political parties have fielded candidates for this step. However, the number of independent candidates is three-fourths. Earlier, 569 candidates were elected unopposed in the third phase, 360 in the second phase and 138 in the first phase.

Meanwhile, 295 candidates, including 47 chairmen, have been elected unopposed in the fourth phase of Union Parishad elections. Apart from the 48 chairmen, there are 135 general members and 112 women members in the reserved wards. Now only the formality of declaring the winner by publishing the gazette in their name is left.

According to EC sources, 1,359 candidates have been elected without voting in the four-phase UP elections. In the first phase 138 people were elected, in the second phase 358 people, in the third phase 569 people and in the fourth phase 295 people’s representatives were elected without voting.

Earlier, the schedule for the fourth phase was announced on November 10 at Agargaon Election Building in the capital. According to the announced schedule, the last date for submission of nomination papers for Union Council elections in the fourth phase was November 25, selection of nominees on November 29 and withdrawal on December 8. The election will be held on December 26. On the other hand, in the fifth phase, polling will be held in 607 UPs on January 5 and in the sixth phase on January 31, 219 in UP, the Election Commission said.



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