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What is the fate of the educated unemployed in the new year?

Does anyone think that New Year brings a happy or unhappy message for the unemployed with degrees? Only the victims, not anyone else, can realize how much trouble they have to go through to get a job application fee or money. Even if the luck is good, then for some, the golden deer called job is caught – not for everyone. The arrival of the new year is a disappointment for them. Because it only creates the fear of crossing the official age limit of their job and the time of social adjustment.

The number of highly educated unemployed in the country is now forty percent. This number is increasing day by day. As the number of educated and certified unemployed continues to grow uncontrollably, their families are frustrated and the government authorities are not thinking about how to solve this problem. Because it is difficult to expand the job market in line with the growing number of certified unemployed.

The job creation process that has been going on so far in the small scale infrastructure of our country is more than enough. Nothing good can be noticed except the workplaces and service sectors which include BCS, banks, defense forces, small educational institutions, readymade garments, various business organizations and NGOs. It does not take much to recruit manpower in these small structures, nor is it required. But millions of educated unemployed men and women compete for each position. Everyone’s goal is to get into the structure. For this, it is difficult to compete in the dam-breaking competition.

Thousands of people are fighting for a job. Ever or millions of people. Therefore, the search for illegal routes started as they could not prove their ability in the dam breaking competition. This gives birth to lobbying. And corruption is born from this lobbying.

In addition to this, it has been reported that there are various frauds in the recruitment test in the name of giving jobs to the certified unemployed. In one day (October 6), the date of written and oral examination of 14 jobs was announced. Some have somehow managed to take part in both. It has cost an average of two and a half thousand rupees per candidate to apply for these jobs. A total of 29 job test dates were announced on Friday and Saturday in the first week of November last year. These unplanned and uncoordinated recruitment exams are nothing but suffering for the certified unemployed.

Does anyone with a degree think it is an opportunity to think about these things? The arrival of the new year is extremely frustrating for them. Because of this, on the one hand, the fear of crossing the official age limit of their job and on the other hand, the age of marriage, mother-father-sibling distance is created only with relatives. And a kind of hatred towards life. It is really a matter of shame and panic if it is implanted in the minds of highly educated people of a civilized nation.

Despite being an agricultural country, the children of our farmers are no longer interested in agriculture. Because they are facing huge losses every year by cultivating the land.

According to the media, eighty percent of politicians and MPs in Bangladesh are businessmen. They give the fish caught by the people as their own. Ordinary people usually do not have access to it. Only the nearest flat people are the consumers of the lion’s share of that service. Thus a deprived class in the society has become regularly frustrated. As a result, even though rice is cultivated in the country, it does not have proper preservation and balanced distribution. Planters are damaged and frustrated. The difference between the annual production and income of a marginal paddy farmer and the annual income of a small employee is very extreme.

In the face of such financial gaps and inequalities, the formula of welfare economy has become confused. Apart from this, after trying for the last ten years, there are still opportunities for unbridled corruption in many cases. On the one hand there is no work consistent with education and on the other hand in some cases there is no good work and personality like mind. As a result, due to lack of proper work, talent is trafficked and never returns.

Farmers are frustrated with the widening gap between the monthly income of marginal farmers and the monthly income of employees in the country and are encouraging their college and university students to get government jobs even if they bribe their college or university students by mortgaging or selling their last residences or agricultural land. Most of the time, they have failed in the competition to get a job in the country and sometimes they have not been able to recover the bribe money by holding dharnas at different doors. There is danger too.

In recent times, especially in the Middle East, the humiliating incidents of male workers, educated, civilized women workers being persecuted and fleeing the country after losing their dignity have come to our notice. There are no jobs in the country, even if you go abroad, there is danger. So where will our certified educated unemployed children take their place?

Many people say that cheap hybrid rice, fish and chicken are all available in our country. Market filled food is arranged for sale. Homes are available for rent. The hospital has become very famous. The speed of man has increased. There are many vacancies in the job. I do not agree with that. However, I was quite disappointed to notice the inconsistencies.

Because what is the total population of our country? How many people have increased their income? Maybe some people’s income has increased. Which people have increased speed? Surely the speed of brokers and lobbyists is increasing! These brokers and lobbyists are exploiting the country’s economy like a seasonal rat, destroying the structure of financial institutions and depleting capital.

Speakers at a seminar at Bangladesh Bank last week expressed concern that the NBR was suffering from a financial deficit of billions of rupees. In addition, their lending space has shrunk. If special assistance is not provided in this situation, the mega development projects of the country may come to a halt in the near future.

Our market is filled with food and other ingredients. But I can’t afford it. Although it is very limited. Cheap hybrid rice, fish, chicken, oil are available in adulterated. The country is also available. Whose price is skyrocketing. Expensive hospitals for the rich, foreign doctors, expensive foreign medicines. Even the fees of good local doctors are higher. They do not stay in the local hospitals in the villages or even in the district towns.

Millions of flats are built but low-income people do not get them. Thousands of job vacancies can be heard. Once recruited, it is seen that the able-bodied have got the job in one way or the other or have bought it by force! The poor are green here too! Jobs are like a golden deer to a class of people without bribery and corruption. In this way, the rich and powerful are becoming the consumers of all the benefits of the society and the meritorious people without certificates are becoming more and more weak and frustrated by being deprived in various ways even after giving hundreds of vivas.

On the one hand, education and certificates that are unrelated to the work and incompatible, on the other hand, the discriminatory economic-administrative structure, political manipulation has increased the speed of immoral work of the country but has bent the moral backbone of the people.

The time has come to strengthen our public, non-public university laboratories to connect research and development policy and planning with higher education. Just because the learning environment is deteriorating, it will be a waste of time to lock the doors of the universities before sunset and go to sleep at home. Instead, it is necessary to find out by researching day and night so that lakhs of lakhs of certified unemployed are not created but certified human resources are created. All concerned should be active in creating educated, knowledgeable and skilled human resources. Therefore, in the new year, it is time to think anew on an urgent basis.
* Writer-Professor, Department of Social Work, Rajshahi University. E-mail:



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