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What to do if your ankle cracks in winter

Winter weather makes the skin dry. Due to the lack of moisture, the skin of the hands and feet becomes rough, resulting in ankle fractures in humans. Even if you are smart to make yourself attractive, when you see a cracked ankle, it all ends in an instant.

This problem can occur in everyone from adults to children. In the same way this problem occurs in both men and women. Especially in winter, ankle fractures are more common. Ankle fractures can be a serious problem. So you have to take special care of your ankles. Because if you do not take care or do not get proper treatment, pain and suffering also occur. So fix the problem of ankle fracture in an easy way at home.

Use the necessary medicines to overcome the problem of ankle fracture in winter. In addition, use moisturizer on cracked parts regularly. This will soften the dead and damaged part of the skin. If the situation is complicated, consult a doctor immediately.

Take special care during bath to get rid of cracked feet. While bathing, clean your feet thoroughly with Dhundal peel and soap. In addition, it is better to have pumice. Try to keep the ankles soft, apply oily gel cream.

Coconut oil is very useful to eliminate the problem of dry skin. Helps to keep skin moisturized. Regularly massage coconut oil on the ankles. If you have coconut oil, you can massage your feet and ankles. Sesame oil or almond oil is good for softening the skin. You can also apply mustard oil.
First soak the feet for 20 minutes with shampoo in lukewarm water. Now remove the dead skin part by rubbing it with skin cleansing brush. Now wipe the feet well and use moisturizer or petroleum jelly on the ankles.

Not only bath time, but also clean your feet well with hot water and soap after returning home from outside. Then wipe the water off with a dry towel or cloth. Now apply moisturizer or foot cream. You can also use foot scrubber and foot mask. You can also take care of your ankles with turmeric, yoghurt, milk cream and gram flour at home. Start with foot scrubbing.

Honey is very useful to heal the damaged part of the skin. It is used as an anti-bacterial ingredient. If you use honey in regular ankles in winter, then the problem of ankle cracking can be prevented.

Moisture is needed to keep skin soft in winter. The skin of the feet should be soft and smooth as soon as the cracks of the feet are reduced. For beautiful soft ankles, you can make a thick paste by mixing milk tone, honey and turmeric paste with besan at home. Apply this paste on the ankles and rub it with wet hands. In addition, the ripe bananas are well crushed and mixed with a little coconut oil and milk to make a thick paste and apply on the ankles. After 10 minutes, rinse with water. In addition, rose water and glycerin can be mixed and applied.
After taking a foot bath, make a mixture of aloe vera gel and olive oil and apply it all over the feet.

Take out the oil by piercing a few vitamin E capsules. Then mix vitamin E with petroleum jelly and apply it on the feet. If you sleep with socks on your feet at night, your feet will be very soft. However, if the feet become hot, you must take off the socks.



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