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Who is responsible for the torment of hell in the death of fire in the water?

Only living beings are guaranteed to die at birth. There is no denying that any living thing has to taste death. It is an infallible provision of nature.

Death has its own form, its own form. Which is sometimes desired, sometimes smooth-beautiful. Everyone agrees that it is normal. The form that someone or some saintly person likes himself or his relatives, but the form of death is terrible for everyone. That is why no one likes this form. Feels annoyed even to remember. Many also dislike whether it is remembered or not.

Because the fear of death is the biggest fear in the world. Knowing that their own death is inevitable, many do not want to think about it. No matter what the normal or abnormal way, no one has to do anything when the messenger of death appears. However, it is difficult for everyone to accept an unusual and painful or heartbreaking death.

The tragic death of 40 passengers in a fire at the MV Expedition launch in the Dapadapiya area of ​​Nalchiti on the Sugandha river in Jhalokati on December 23 at 3 pm, the name Sugandha seems to have spread fear and panic in everyone’s mind. The fire was reported to have started from the engine room. The surviving passengers complained that the engine of the launch was broken. The roar would sometimes stop. Its firefighting system did not work for such a long time after the fire broke out. Hundreds of liters of fuel caught fire in the engine room after a loud noise, but there was no safety measure. As a result, the fire quickly spread to the entire launch.

The launch was going to Barguna from Dhaka. Its passenger capacity is 60 people. Although 420 passengers boarded the night trip from Dhaka, when Chandpur stopped, so many people got up that there was no place for sesame in the launch. When the fire got out of control, the launch’s master, Sareng, Sukani and 25 other staff members fled. ( 24.12.2021).

Even after the fire started, the launch was kept on the river bank for 30-40 minutes. The passengers jumped into the water and tried to save their lives. A passenger jumped into the river with a child in his hand. The beloved child is out of hand, and so is his wife. None of them were found. He is lying in the hospital bed and crying. However, the passengers sleeping in the cabin were burnt to embers before anyone noticed the fire! Rescuers went to the cabin and found burnt skeletons and skulls.

The river fire brigade can reach the spot quickly. In addition, each vessel has its own system for rapid fire extinguishing. But the emergency alarm or bell of the Expedition-10 launch did not ring, raising the big question of why its own firefighting system was not used or not. Cabin passengers did not wake up without sirens or alarms. The fact that he died in a tragic fire while sitting on the water cannot be accepted in any way.

It was not just a picture of helpless people jumping out of a window in a blazing flame from a high-rise building in Banani two years ago, of people trying in vain to catch a dish and fall to the ground. Even though they are pictures, they have given us a message – something terrible. This is unacceptable. It is not desirable. Why is that? If so, do we have to do something?

I always jump to remedy after the incident but why not prevent it in advance? Why aren’t we already aware of this? After the fire burns everything to ashes, all of us wake up like Kumbhakarna. This is a serious bankruptcy. Which repeatedly brings loss of property and death in fire, bringing eternal suffering in the lives of many.

Every day buses, trains, ships, planes are crashing somewhere. But the signs of the most horrible accidents – Nimtali tragedy, Churihatta fire disaster, Banani fire, Gulshan kitchen market fire. Terrible those accidents. Some have called them man-made disasters. Some say these are murders. This ruthless killing has taken place as a result of negligence. But there is always a lot of hard-pitched education, but how much more?

Twelve colleagues of a friend were killed together on the 7th floor in a fire in Banani. There are three female colleagues burnt charcoal! A colleague was in the bathroom. Nobody knew that. Unbeknownst to him, everyone left him. But he could not go down. What a tragedy! There were no emergency alarms or bells, emergency fire exits were locked. Who is responsible for the serious loss of the families concerned? Authorities responded by announcing only a small amount of compensation.

The same thing happened in Abhiyan-10 fire. The district administration has said it will pay 25,000 rupees. The state minister for shipping has said that Rs 1.5 lakh will be given to the families of each of the victims of the fire accident. Is it all just money? There is no road safety in the country. But now the waterways have become more dangerous than the roads. Expired permits are issued illegally on the rubble of expired vessels. They are neglecting their duties even though manpower has been deployed to check the fitness of each vessel before its departure. Later, the immovable vehicle was kept in motion. Besides, after stopping at Chandpur, why would extra passengers be picked up without following the hygiene rules? Those who take care of them will be paid only after the end of the month and they will avoid the responsibility of their duty for so many deaths. If there was love for people, the authorities would also keep an eye on these enigmas.

Everyone has a responsibility to put out the fire. Precautionary measures can greatly alleviate this liability. But many of us have become accustomed to evading this responsibility by resorting to deception. I am storing gas and chemicals near my house. I have not been repairing faulty power lines for ages. I am connecting TV, dish and electricity to the same pole. I am installing AC in the house but I am not installing fire distinguisher alarm.

An investigation has revealed that although the building code was followed somewhere, no one obeyed the fire code. Generally, when constructing a six-storey building, one has to abide by the emergency fire code for safety of life. But emergency fire codes are not being obeyed in thousands of homes or businesses across the country, including the capital. Emergency firefighting equipment should be available in crowded areas. It is learned that there were no primary kits for fire fighting in Gulshan Kitchen Market.

Extreme traffic jam in Dhaka city. As a result, the fire brigade vehicle could not reach the accident site quickly. Suddenly thousands of people gathered around him. Those are the spectators of fire. They are often seen occupying the streets and making fun videos on their mobile phones. Some people were busy eating burnt potatoes and eggs in the fire at Gulshan Kitchen Market. Alas Bangari! Someone is standing and watching the joke!

A tragic drama unfolded during the capture of Nawab Sirajuddaula by the British. One historian wrote that the English troops would not have been able to escape if the people present had not been standing one by one and had thrown stones at the enemy one by one. But everyone was a dumb spectator. Intelligent, useless, speechless. As a result, the Nawab of Bengal-Bihar-Orissa had to lose the throne without any hindrance on that day. Stay tuned.

Bangladesh is a country of disasters. Therefore, BNCC and Rover Scouts should be trained in emergency fire fighting in all educational institutions here. Disaster management and firefighting teams should be formed in every high school-college and university as a matter of urgency. They can warn people by going from house to house or in the big office-court, going to the market, volunteering and playing alarm bells every six months to conduct life-saving exercises from fire accidents.

According to one statistic, there are less than 500 firefighters in the country. The number of police is 35 thousand. At least 5,000 people from this huge police force should be trained in firefighting on an emergency basis. Buy more modern firefighting equipment to put out fires in naval fires and high-rise buildings.

There is no alternative to forming your own fire brigade and emergency fire brigade to prevent death in fire. Firefighters must be allowed to work fearlessly. According to the newspaper, the owners of some buildings who do not follow the building code and violate the fire code have prevented some of the fire safety inspectors from performing their duties properly. For this reason, there have been incidents where someone was later hanged as an accused in the case and even transferred elsewhere. These are shameful and unfortunate for the nation.

We no longer want to see the unnatural death of a loved one. It is difficult for everyone to accept such a painful or heartbreaking death. The manpower and strength of the Naval Fire Brigade in our country is still far less than required. Therefore, in addition to increasing the capacity of the fire brigade, it also needs its own fire fighting system, more divers, modern equipment and emergency naval fire police. Therefore, the security of life should be strengthened by allocating funds on an emergency basis in the disaster response sector – people should be given safe travel routes.

Author: Professor, Department of Social Work, Rajshahi University. E-mail:



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