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Who will stop the opportunity seekers?

After 12 o’clock at night the date changes and people realize the opportunity to change. There is a saying ‘opportunity seeker’. That’s not fair. Badlok’s face floats in front of his eyes as soon as he says ‘opportunity seeker’. But the number of ‘opportunity seekers’ in our country is increasing day by day. Especially in the field of politics, the number of people looking for opportunities is higher. But politics is the driving force of the country. The fruit of the political movement is the independence of the beloved motherland. And that is why the people of the country have immense respect and love for politics. But in recent times, the confidence and love of the common people of the country towards politics seems to be declining. Any election at the national level reflects the brilliance of politics. National election means festive atmosphere. Processions, rallies at night. A desperate attempt to win over the preferred candidate. In the polling station, there is a battle of words for the preferred candidate. Voting ends. Again, everyone has a sweet relationship of ‘Bhai Bhai’. This is the strength and courage of the national election. But now the national election has become very scary. Union council elections are being held across the country. The 5th stage election is over. This time 10 people have died in the election violence across the country. Opportunity seekers also have a role behind this. They basically did the job of provoking the opponent.

The party symbol is being elected at the union level this time. As a result, there is a tendency among the candidates to fight for the party symbol at any cost. There is a precedent that many candidates of the ruling party have declared themselves victorious after receiving the party symbol. Despite getting the party symbol again, many have suffered a miserable defeat in the election. Multiple rebel candidates from the same party are standing for election. The list of individual candidates who lost by losing the party symbol is also much larger. As a result, it is not possible to say for sure whether the party symbol will be elected in the future or not. However, it can be said that this year’s UP election has smoothed the path of opportunity seekers in the field of politics. Opportunity seekers now dominate the grassroots level in politics. The BNP is not participating in the UP elections in a party manner. BNP has boycotted the UP elections as a party. But the opportunists have made the BNP candidate stand out in many places. Somewhere BNPO has taken this opportunity. The party symbol has to be chosen so the fight to get the symbol has been seen more among the Awami League candidates. Term one. Maybe 10/12 people fought to get the symbol. After receiving a symbol from the center, others thought that the party had not done justice to him or them. Rebellious attitude has been created in some cases. Opportunity seekers have used this opportunity.

It has also been seen that the opposition has incited the candidate who did not get the party symbol. “The team has not done you justice. You have the right to choose. Let the team know how much you are popular. Stand apart. We are with you. As a result, multiple candidates from the same party stood for election individually and many have won. After the 4th phase of UP elections, the interesting news of the country’s media was the defeat of the boat in UP. But in fact the boat was not defeated. Many of those who have won as independents are supporters of the boat. The boat stood out because it did not get the symbol. However, in this case, there have been allegations of nomination trade. It is being said that party symbols have been allotted to the relatively ineligible candidates under the influence of special quarters without giving importance to the attitude of the grassroots. The party leader in the area may not have the support of the influential leader of the area or the upazila chairman. Again, the minister, MP may not have the support of the influential leader of the area. As a result, party nominations create extreme instability somewhere. Opportunity seekers take this opportunity. Incites rebels. ‘You have been wronged. This injustice cannot be accepted in any way. You choose individually. We are with you … ‘This activity of the opportunists has made the UP election more questionable.

There is a kind of unrest going on with the election of Narayanganj City Corporation. Ivy Rahman, who was nominated by the Awami League, has not been able to trust the people of the Awami League. Shamim Osman Awami League leader, popular people’s representative of Narayanganj. Ivy Rahman’s conflict with him is the main cause of instability. Speaking of the opportunity seekers, they are also active here. They are making the situation murky in various processes. Not only politics, but also business and commerce, this opportunity seekers are being harassed in all walks of life. They all try to be friends, well-wishers. The needle penetrates. But realizing the time, he slipped out. Disputes between leaders are also seen there. Because if you keep the conflict alive or keep it, the opportunity seekers will benefit. Dispute between officials in office court. Opportunity of opportunity seekers is also noticeable there. Opportunity seekers have resorted to extreme cunning in the polls. They are reassuring all parties with you. In the end the crowd goes towards money. This is causing a lot of damage to the society and the state.

Therefore, it is time to take effective measures to stop the malpractices of the opportunity seekers. Let’s say ‘no’ to opportunity seekers. I say yes to truth and justice.

Author: Fiction writer, playwright, editor Anand Alo.



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