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Whoever catches water can die!

Water saves lives. However, this water became terrible for some people. Such is Rachel Week. If there’s one big enemy in Rachel’s life, it’s the water. He has a serious allergy to water. Where people want to take a sip of water and take peace, it is a nightmare for them.

As soon as he gets water, he feels that someone is rubbing intense chemicals all over his body. Any touch of water, even if it’s her own sweat, makes Rachel groan in pain. The skin becomes red and swollen. There is also discomfort like severe irritation and itching. Feeling terribly tired.

Rachel’s water allergy is called aquagenic urticaria. Symptoms include burning sensation throughout the body, accompanied by fever, runny nose, runny eyes, sneezing, headache, and chills. And all this Rachel has to endure every day. How can he survive without water in this situation?
According to Rachel’s doctors, the problem is not with the water inside the body, but when the water comes in contact with the skin from outside or when water enters the body from outside, the problem starts. “Everybody wants to know when they hear about my illness,” said Rachel. “How do I drink water or take a bath?” The biggest thing is how to keep the body clean if it is dirty? In fact, I have to do all this when forced. And then there is no other way but to endure the pain by clenching your teeth. ‘

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Doctors say that the outer part of the skin, which contains mainly dead cells and oily substances, may come in contact with water and secrete certain chemicals. It can cause burning sensation. Like any other group of physicians, the organic matter at different levels of the skin in contact with water produces chemicals. That chemical penetrates deeper into the skin and weakens our immune system.

However, whatever the reason, the doctors have accepted that this disease can completely change the life of the patient. They said that depression can come from such an unusual disease. Rachel is her living proof.

There is no cure for this disease. The skyrocketing price of a drug called Omalizumab, which doctors have used in some cases. Rachel could not afford to buy that medicine. The company that used to make the drug is also stopping production. Their statement is for whom they will make this medicine. There are only a handful of patients with this disease. One person in every 23 crores has such an illness. As such, there are only 32 patients in the world like Rachel.



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