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Why did Narendra Modi suddenly retreat?

Why Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi backed away from the controversial Agriculture Act after more than a year of agitation and loss of life. That question is all over India. Hair analysis is going on in the Indian media. Many are trying to find a reason to back Modi even after being in a stagnant position for so long. Political analysts in the country say that Modi’s strategy is to win votes in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

In September last year, India’s Modi government passed three controversial agricultural laws, despite strong opposition. The three agricultural laws aimed at opening up the market sparked unprecedented protests in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, posing a daunting challenge to Modi. When peasants and civil society took to the streets in Sikh-majority Punjab, it spread like wildfire in Uttar Pradesh.

The Modi government did not mind the tough movement like siege of Delhi and blockade of India. On the contrary, BJP leaders have sharply criticized the protesters. Despite its unwavering attitude, the unprecedented ‘catch-up’ BJP finally bowed to the agitators.

Why did Modi suddenly move away from a firm decision? Various discussions and analysis are going on about it. Political analysts say Modi’s decision is as much a tactical political ploy as it is a sign of haste, stubbornness and lack of foresight in law-making. But Modi’s decision will strengthen India’s democracy.

In this context, Professor Gilles Vernier of Ashoka University said that it is also an important moment for the shattered democracy of India. It is true that in a democratic state the people win in the end. This is proof of that. The government wants to impose many decisions on the people. However, if they want to make a new decision unilaterally, they will think again and again.

Attempts to revive a fragile economy due to rising commodity prices, rising unemployment and epidemics. All in all, the situation is not good for the BJP government. Farmers are outraged, with BJP leaders in Uttar Pradesh accused of violence against farmers. The party leaders are facing violent protests during the local election campaign in Punjab. Legislative elections in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab next year. Critics say the BJP has moved away from its position to win the election.

However, many are skeptical about whether this rice election will give any benefit to the BJP. However, the BJP will get very little advantage in Punjab. In the western Uttar Pradesh of 480 MLAs, where the BJP won 60 to 70 seats, the party could make some gains. The BJP hopes to win the by-elections in the state of Uttar Pradesh ‘easily’ and take part in the 2024 general elections with determination.



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