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Why isn’t all the world’s waste burned in volcanoes?

It is easy to melt or burn anything from rocks to volcanic lava. Because when the eruption of Kilua Volcano in Hawaii started in 2016, the temperature of the lava erupting from it was more than two thousand degrees Fahrenheit or 1,100 degrees Celsius.

The heat will melt any stone effortlessly. This means that volcanoes can be the ideal way to destroy the world’s waste. And it will be easy to get rid of all the waste. But while it may seem like an easy way out, some issues stand in the way.

According to the US Geological Survey, an American citizen generates 4.5 pounds of garbage per day, which is about 254 million tons per year. And all this rubbish will need to be destroyed by an active volcano. But since not all volcanoes on Earth are active, this is the biggest obstacle.

However, if an active volcano is found, there is a barrier to dumping the waste and that is that many people do not live in the vicinity so it will be time consuming and expensive to reach the volcano locally.

In addition, the lava lakes surrounding each volcano are covered with a layer of cool lava. Beneath it is intensely heated and molten lava. In this case, if an object falls on the lava lake, it can cause a huge explosion.

Reaching this point is also a big obstacle for him. Again, it may seem natural that there may be holes in the mouth of the volcano where waste or garbage can be dumped. But the problem is that there are no specific holes in the face of the volcano.

In addition, active volcanoes continue to erupt, which poses a serious risk to humans and can lead to death. In addition to these factors, the main one is that burning garbage will create smoke which will enter the atmosphere and cause serious damage.

And toxic gases from plastics, garbage, and toxic gases like sulfur, chlorine, and carbon dioxide from volcanoes can cause problems for people around, such as shortness of breath. Trees can also be damaged. Another major hurdle, on the other hand, is that many indigenous peoples consider volcanoes to be their sacred place, which would be considered as disrespect and insult to their culture.



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