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Know why poisoning occurs, know the remedy

Poisoning occurs swelling with severe pain or multiple abscesses on the skin, which is usually a severe type of abscess infected with the bacteria staphylococcus. the abscess has many small faces. the same is mainly called a carbuncle. carbuncles are usually more common in the waist, neck, back and elbows.

just as carbuncle can heal after a few days of pain, it can also take a serious shape. so extra precautions are required if you are carbuncle. the situation needs to be monitored and the need is expert advice.
why is carbuncle?

people who have weak immunity in their bodies are carbuncle. again, after a healthy, normal person suffers from a long or complex disease, the body’s immune system decreases but there is a risk of carbuncle. if you look at it, the carbuncle sits around one or more pores of the skin. sometimes, a type of bacteria (staphylococcus aureus) is born on the human skin. those bacteria enter the body through the pores of the skin pores to create infections. this was followed by bacteria, dead cells in the body and skin cells to form pus and start ‘soiling. which wants to come out of the skin.

bacteria can build up on the skin when exposed to people who lack cleanliness or have a carbuncle. if you look at it, a carbuncle is more common in all parts of the body that are sweatier. e.g., neck, back, waist, back of the knee, armpit etc.

will not first understand whether the symptom bacteria have or are causing infections in any part of the skin. in most cases, the surface of a particular part of the skin in the body becomes a little stiff and it hurts to tip the area. later, it was found that Karban Kal was there. incidentally, Karban Kal is very difficult and will suffer for a few days in a row. even fever can occur if the size of the carbuncle is large. but there is nothing to be afraid of. there is a difference between the common abscess and the carbuncle.

if it is possible to try to keep the area where the carbuncle has occurred, try to keep it open. this will make the patient feel relieved. but if you have to go out for studies or work — try wearing thin and loose clothes. it will not require thick and heavy cloth rubbing on the carbuncle portion. it is important to remember that carbuncle is touching in many cases. as a result, it can spread from one part of the skin to another. so don’t think of using one-time clothes with soap or on a cake. again try to apply how there is a carbuncle relief.
it is better not to seek the help of anyone or loved ones in the family. this will also put him at risk of developing carbuncle scars in his body.

bacteria that are usually carbuncle, if mixed with blood under special circumstances, can affect the heart, lungs and the body’s central nervous system. so if the carbuncle does not subside within a few days, consult an expert. many people have the habit of digging abscesses or rash. don’t do that at all in the case of carbuncle. trying to force out pus can cause deep wounds on the skin.



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