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They will correct what was wrong in the UK letter: Law Minister

Law Minister Anisul Haque said they (UK) would correct what was wrong in the UK letter regarding BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s treatment. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs is looking into the issue of RAB ban.The minister told reporters after a program in the capital on Tuesday (December 21) at noon.

Regarding the letter sent by the United Kingdom regarding Khaleda Zia’s treatment, the Minister further said that the letter sent from the United Kingdom contained incorrect information. When the British High Commissioner met with me about that misinformation, I made it clear.

“We have clearly explained our law to the high commissioner and explained to them that Khaleda Zia is free and her legal position,” he said. The last few days, when they talked to me again, they said they would correct the matter.

No precedent has been found for Khaleda Zia to get medical treatment abroad. The law minister gave this information 1 month and 10 days after the application. He said that Khaleda Zia’s house arrest-UK report is wrong. The country has taken steps to amend the report following Bangladesh’s objections. Meanwhile, his lawyers claim, as always, that the government will allow him to go abroad under the law that has given him temporary release.
At the end of the program, the law minister said that no law or precedent was found regarding the convicts getting medical treatment abroad. The decision will be officially announced soon.

In a human rights report last July, the United Kingdom demanded that Khaleda Zia be placed under house arrest. The country has said that the report will be amended as the Bangladesh government has cleared the matter.

He also said that the State Department and the Ministry of Home Affairs were looking into the matter.
In the context of the International Commission on Human Rights, he said, they are the watchdog for the protection of human rights around the world. There will be a conflict with them when it comes to running the government. They will have a statement, the government may have a statement. I have already mentioned the conflict in that statement.

He was responding to a question from reporters at the prize distribution ceremony of the winners of the essay competition titled ‘Liberation War, Independence and Human Values’ at Lakeshore Hotel in Gulshan.

Anisul Haque said in response to a question from reporters, “I will give the opinion of the law ministry very soon.”

He said 15 BNP-backed lawyers of the Supreme Court had come to Khaleda Zia’s case. There was no legal support anywhere in their statement. No court supports the statement they are making but the statement I made in Parliament is supported by many judgments.

Asked whether there is scope for humanitarian consideration in the opinion of the law ministry, the law minister said, “I have to look at it from the legal point of view.” Because when the government takes any action, it must be a legal action.

He further added that the Prime Minister’s directive and his humanitarian action was an expression of his decision to suspend his dispute under Section 401 of the Criminal Procedure Code and release him.

6-year-old Khaleda Zia has been admitted to Dhaka’s Evercare Hospital since November 13 with various problems related to old age.



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