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30 lakh fish was killed by pouring poison in the pond of the chairman who won the election

In Sundalpur union of Kabirhat upazila of Noakhali, there is an allegation of killing fish by applying poison in the fish farm of the chairman who won the election. The farmer is claiming that the fish worth Tk 25 to 30 lakh in the pond has died.

Kabirhat Police Station OC Thomas Barua confirmed that he had received a written complaint on Friday (December 31) morning.

Mohammad Elias, the winning candidate in the UP elections, alleged that he had contested for the post of chairman in the December 28 elections. On the night of the announcement of the election results, the people of rival candidate Nurul Amin Rumi applied poison to my two acre fish farm in Bari Pukur area. The fish weighing 10 to 12 kg in the pond died and caused a loss of about 25 to 30 lakh rupees. No fish has been caught from the pond in the last three years.

He added that although they had initially verbally informed the local police administration about the matter, they had not yet taken any action or even visited the police. I lodged a written complaint with the police on Friday.

Aliullah, a local resident, said that when he came to perform Fajr prayers in the mosque on the morning of the election day, he saw that all the big and small fish in the pond were dead. There is no condition to perform ablution in the pond. At first the people of the area took away the big dead fish. If it hadn’t, the environment would have been worse.

Chairman candidate Elias local resident said. Zakir Hossain (50) claimed that at least 30 to 35 people including Sujan, son of Salam member, Rajib and Ripon of the same area turned off the mosque and all the lights of the area and poured poison in the pond.

Abdullah Saikat, a worshiper of Baitul Habib Jame Mosque in Pukurpara, said the fish in the pond have been floating dead for the last few days. Now the environment of the area has become heavy due to the stench of rot. We can’t do any ablution here.

Denying the allegations, Nurul Amin Rumi said there was a dispute between the two local parties over the pond. None of my leaders and activists are involved in this incident. The administration will be required to properly investigate and take action against those responsible for the incident.

Kabirhat Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Thomas Barua said the victim had lodged a written complaint with Mohammad Elias Police Station. We are investigating the matter. Necessary steps will be taken after investigation. However, such an event is not desirable.



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