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8 murders in 18 days in Shailkupa!

The family of Jasim Uddin of Bhatbaria village of Shailkupa upazila does not seem to stop crying. The mother is speechless after losing her only earning son. Disoriented wife with children. 6 more people like Jasim Uddin have been killed due to electoral violence and domination. Ahazari is going on in the bereaved families.

Shailkupa upazila of Jhenaidah has become hot again. Eight people have been killed in 18 days in clashes over domination and electoral violence. At least two hundred people were injured. Several houses were vandalized, looted and set on fire.

Sachetan Mahal says that the violence is due to the internal conflict of the ruling party. To prevent this, the intervention of political leaders and the neutrality of the police department are required. Houses and shops have been vandalized and looted in the murder case. Many have left their homes in despair.

The relatives of the deceased are blaming the non-cooperation and lack of foresight of the administration. Relatives of the deceased and locals demanded immediate action to stop the violence and arrest of the accused.

According to the information, 8 people have died in 18 days in Shailkupa Upazila due to electoral violence and spread of domination. 269 ​​people have been accused in 3 separate murder cases. So far only 20 accused have been arrested.

The deceased have been identified as Swapan Sheikh, son of Ahmed Sheikh of Kabirpur village in Shailkupaya upazila, Haran Biswas, a resident of Krittinagar residence, Jasim Hossain, son of Abdur Chattar of Bhatbaria village, Kallol Khandaker of Barihuda village, Abdur Rahim and Akhil Biswas of Katlagari area.

Sayedul Alam, president of the Jhenaidah Aware Civil Society, said the situation could be brought under control with the co-operation of politicians and the neutral and strict intervention of the police. Otherwise, the conflict will continue.

Shailkupar police officer in charge (OC) said. Rafiqul Islam said police were conducting operations to normalize the situation and arrest the accused. And to avoid such violence, police surveillance has been intensified in various villages of Shailkupar.



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