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Abdul Momen says ‘RAB was created by America’

Foreign Minister. AK Abdul Momen says, ‘RAB was created by the Americans and the British. The United States has taught them how to deal with people, how to investigate. ”

He said this after visiting four schools in Nagdipur village of Dirai upazila of Sunamganj on Friday (January 21) afternoon.

The Foreign Minister said, “Our RAB is very efficient in its work. They are not corrupt. That is why RAB has gained the trust of the people. Because of them, the number of terrorists in the country has decreased. No terrorists have been active since the Holy Artisan. This has been possible because of RAB. The US State Department itself has acknowledged that. Some people who don’t like law enforcement, who like terrorism, or who like other types of drugs, don’t like RAB. Because, RAB works against them. So the propaganda against the RAB has started. It’s very sad. ”

“Missing people come back to our country,” he added. But one million people are missing in the United States every year. Who will take the responsibility? And those who are missing in our country, they come back later. Without checking the information, we want to tell the big foreigners who have complained without knowing it, come to Bangladesh, see, talk. Revealed the true facts, then took action. The US embargo on the RAB is unfortunate. The United States has received unilateral information. I will let them know. ‘

Abdul Momen said, “We will inform them, maybe we could not inform them properly.” Because many people get one-sided information who do not like them. In all countries, there are some deaths in law and force agencies. Something has happened in Bangladesh too. It used to be more but now it is less. Whenever there is a death, it is investigated in the judicial process. You know, in two cases, the RAB has done wrong, they have been tried in the judicial process. They have also been punished.



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