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All private offices in Delhi are closed

Corona infections are on the rise in the Indian capital, Delhi. In this situation, the Delhi government of Arvind Kejriwal is walking on the path of gradual tightening even though it is not on the path of overall lockdown.

After closing the banquet in hotels, restaurants and bars, all the offices of private offices are going to be closed in the capital Delhi this time. Employees will do office work sitting at home. New instructions have been issued in accordance with that decision.

Restaurants and hotels in Delhi were closed on Monday in protest of Omicron. It was said that one should buy food and take it home and eat it. Arrangements will be made to deliver food to the house. Until now, government and private offices were open with 50 percent attendance. This time DDMA changed that rule.
All private offices are being closed under the new directive. 100 percent of the staff in those offices will work from home. As expected, emergency service providers are excluded from the rules.

More than 19,000 new corona cases were found in the capital, Delhi, on Monday. Which is a little less than on Sunday (22 thousand 751). However, according to many, more than one government laboratory is closed on Sundays. So the infection seems to have decreased.
The infection rate in the capital on Monday was 25 percent. Which is the highest since last 5th May. In the last 24 hours, 18 corona deaths have been recorded in Delhi.
Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said the outbreak would reach its peak in the city in the next couple of days. It may be that we are on the cusp of an outbreak at the moment. ‘

Source: Anandabazar



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