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Allegations of abuse of wife and denial of relationship against the doctor

A doctor at Syedpur Filaria Hospital has been accused of torturing his wife for demanding dowry, leaving her alone after denying the relationship, and threatening to kill her with contempt of court. The victim made the allegation at a press conference at Red Chili Chinese Restaurant in Syedpur Plaza at 12 noon on Wednesday (January 12).

The woman, Sanjida Chowdhury Survi of New Babupara in Syedpur town, said that although they were residents of Syedpur, they lived with their family in Mohammadpur, Dhaka. The first husband ended his 13-year family life as his son was disabled. I became mentally disturbed and had a heart attack. Moreover, I am already a thalassemia patient. When he came to visit Syedpur 2 years ago, he got sick and went to the doctors’ clinic. Manna Chakraborty has no treatment. He is Dr. Bangalipur Nijpara of Syedpur city. Sixth Charan is the son of Chakraborty and Malarani Chakraborty and father of one child.

Even after going to Dhaka, I continued to take medicine on his mobile phone on his advice. In this respect, my acquaintance with him. At one point, knowing the details about me, Manna offers love. But if he did not respond because he was a Hindu, he converted to Islam by affidavit to Nilphamari Notary Public. Md. He started pushing me to get married under the name Manna Moon. He also threatened to spread virtual propaganda in my name if I did not get married.

In this situation, on 31st August 2021, Dr. married me under Islamic Sharia law at Kazi office on Johnson Road under Kotwali police station in Dhaka. Manna Moon. Later a joint affidavit regarding marriage was also made to the notary public in Dhaka. After that we lived together in Dhaka for about a month. Mother-in-law Malarani brought us to Syedpur last October.

While here, they started torturing me. He did not even give me and my disabled son proper food. My mother-in-law even persuaded my husband Manna to give me drugs and intoxicate me. They demanded a dowry of Rs 5 lakh. Malarani threatened not to let the family do if they did not agree to their words. Even Syedpur will not be allowed to stay. After refusing to pay the dowry, he was forced out of the house after a month.

We were forced to rent a house in Munsipara of Syedpur town and live as husband and wife. Meanwhile, on January 1, Manna became addicted to drugs again and started torturing him. He got angry and left the house. Since then I have not been able to communicate with him in any way. Mobile blocks me from Facebook. Later I came to know that Manna was living in his mother’s house with his first wife who got divorced 6 months ago through court.

In this situation, I am overwhelmed with despair and I am going door to door to solve many problems. On the eve of the visit, Manna and Malarani met me on the street in front of Syedpur Plaza at 6 pm on January 6 and demanded my fair share of rights. Even if the court of law kills the body will disappear. Malarani called herself Godfather of Syedpur and warned to be careful. I made a general diary in this regard at Syedpur police station the next day. GD No. 528. But so far the administration has not taken any action against them and they are harassing them in various ways.

They are doing injustice by disregarding the court, religion and society by denying the affidavit of apostasy and marriage. In their greed for dowry, they have deliberately destroyed my future. With the disabled boy, I am now in the dark of misery. I want them to be judged for ruining the lives of our mother and son through deception. I am expecting legal assistance from the administration for this.



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