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Authorities expelled the dying child from the hospital for lack of money

A 6-month-old baby died due to the ruthless behavior of the hospital authorities as he could not pay the bill of Rs 1.5 lakh.

The twin babies, who were undergoing treatment in the P-ICU of a private hospital in the capital’s Shyamoli, were returned to their mothers. But on the way to Dhaka Medical College, a brother fell to his death. Another brother’s condition is critical. The child’s mother has blamed the hospital named ‘Amar Bangladesh’ for the child’s death.

The body of one of the twins was taken to the ambulance, while the mother tried desperately to save the other. The environment of the pediatric department of Dhaka Medical is heavy with his screams.

The 6-month-old twins were admitted to Suhrawardy Hospital in the capital with pneumonia. The two children were taken to a private hospital called Amar Bangladesh in Shyamoli after falling into the clutches of a middleman ambulance driver.

After three days, the twins were taken out of the ICU by the two mothers as they could not pay the large bill. Shishu Ahmed died in the ambulance on the way to Dhaka Medical College.

The mother of the child said, “The ambulance driver went half way and said I have a well-known hospital and took me to that hospital.” If it costs 5 rupees in Suhrawardy, it will cost 6 rupees. Then I say I can’t give poor people more money. Later I was admitted to Bangladesh Hospital and gave 5 thousand rupees for test and another 5 thousand rupees for medicine. After 72 hours he gave me a bill of 1 lakh 26 thousand rupees. After paying 40 thousand rupees, he asks me for another 60 thousand rupees. He scolded me for not being able to pay and kicked me out of the hospital with my child. ‘
Meanwhile, another child Abdullah’s condition is also critical, said the doctor.

Dhaka Medical College Hospital doctor on duty. Manabendra Ghosh said, “We have found the child in a very bad condition and for that we have started all the treatment by admitting him here.”

Police have arrested a hospital employee accused in the incident.Dhaka Medical College Hospital police camp in charge. Bachchu Mia said, “We are keeping him in the police camp for interrogation.”

On the other hand, by denying the whole incident, the director and doctors of my Bangladesh Hospital have imposed the opposite responsibility on the family of the twin children.My Bangladesh Hospital Medical Officer. Shahani Iqbal said, “We first try to measure the child’s fever but at first they refuse to give any test to the patients.” They weren’t actually fired, and I can’t say for sure.

My Bangladesh Hospital Director. Shoaib Khan said he looked at the documents for the allegation. Receipt of money sees the bill.
My relatives have demanded to take action against the hospital named Bangladesh through investigation.



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