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Bangladesh will face India in the semifinals

The youth of Bangladesh will face India in the semi-finals of the Under-19 Asia Cup.

Bangladesh has reached the semi-finals as the group champion with five points as it is ahead in net run rate. Besides, Sri Lanka has also taken the last four place with equal points of Bangladesh from group ‘B’.

Pakistan, on the other hand, advanced to the semifinals from the top in Group A. They have six points after winning all three matches. They will face Sri Lanka.

Besides, India has secured the semi-final from the second position. It is learned that Rakibul Bahini will take the field in the last four against India on December 30.

After losing to India in the last U-19 World Cup, Bangladesh became the world champions for the first time. Besides, the Rakibuls have won the series against them on Indian soil even before the start of the current Asia Cup.

And so before going down against India again, these two big victories will be an inspiration to the youth of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s match against Sri Lanka on Tuesday (December 26) was canceled. It is learned that the match was canceled due to a positive report of an umpire during the match.

After winning the series on Indian soil, the youth of Bengal seem to be flying in the Under-19 Asia Cup. After losing to Nepal by a big margin in the first match, Rakibul Bahini also defeated Kuwait in the second match on Saturday (December 25).

Young Tiger marginal Nowroz Nabil scored a century for Bangladesh against Nepal in the first match of the tournament. 126 runs from 112 balls came from his bat. Nabil had 11 fours and one six in his innings. In that match, Nepal lost by a big margin of 154 runs. Rakibul Hasan scored 298 runs for the loss of 4 wickets in 50 overs. In reply, Nepal’s innings was reduced to 143 runs.

After that in the second match Mahfizul Islam’s century against Kuwait made a mountainous collection against Bangladesh U-19 team. Rakibul Hasan Bahini lost 10 wickets and scored 291 runs. Young Turkish Mahfizul scored 112 runs alone. He hit 12 fours and 4 sixes on the way to such impeccable batting.

Kuwait did not have a good start at all in pursuit of the mountainous goal. They broke the opening pair by scoring only 5 runs on the scoreboard. After that Kuwait started losing wickets one by one. The youth of Bengal lost the team by 222 runs.

Mitt Bhavsar, the team captain for Kuwait, tried to put up a little resistance. He played a combative innings of 43 runs. However, no one else could do anything with the bat.



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