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Birds panicked at New Year’s fireworks, the video of taking shelter indoors goes viral

Hidden with all the farewells is a poem of joy and sorrow. That is also during the farewell of the year. The last sun of 2021 has departed. The last sunset on Friday (December 31) marks the end of another Christian year, the beginning of the new year.
The celebration of English New Year started all over the country including the capital Dhaka in line with other countries of the world. The sky is filled with flashes of fireworks and colorful lights.

Many people used to celebrate the Thirty First Night with music and music in many places. Thousands of lanterns flew in the sky. And from there the danger is bound. Fireworks and lanterns have caused fires in about 200 places across the country, including the capital.

Although no casualties were reported in the fires, the animals and birds lost their way at the sound of fireworks. Many have criticized on social media. A video with a post has been uploaded on a Facebook page named Ruhi Ashraf. As seen in the video, a flock of birds took refuge in a house in fear of the sound of fireworks. The video later spread on social media.

He wrote in the post on that Facebook page, ‘12:12 pm, 01/01/2022. Video made in the dining room of my house. Do you understand anything? While we were busy setting off fireworks to welcome the new year, these dumb creatures left their homes for fear of death and came to take shelter in my house. The sound of fireworks and sparks all around. The lantern is flying and falling on the tree. The sparks of fire are falling on the leaves. Frightened, he had to go out to seek refuge this night. I turned off all the lights in the house, turned on the stairs and took them out of the house. I had already opened all the windows of the stairs. Because, there were many more on the stairs. But, I was surprised to see that even after leaving the house, all the stairs were gathered in different places. Not a single window is going out. Frightened. Went to the roof to see the New Year celebrations. To see lanterns and fireworks in the sky. But, as soon as I got out of the roof and returned home, I felt bad. Our joys are joy, until it becomes fear / sorrow / panic of others. Let us try to keep our own joy without wasting the joy of all creation. We are the best creatures of creation. Ashraful Makhlukat. Shouldn’t we consider the security of all other creations? ’]

Meanwhile, there have been horrific fires from lanterns in different parts of the country. In just 20 minutes, reports of nearly 200 fires from across the country reached the fire service and 999’s control room. The fire service said in a preliminary investigation that most of the fires were caused by lanterns. However, some fires were also caused by fireworks.

According to the fire service control room and 999 sources, they got the news of the fire from about 10 places including Matuail, Dhanmondi, Rayerbagh in Jatrabari of the capital. The fire was the worst of the three-storey building at Matuail in Jatrabari. Besides, 190 more fire incidents were reported from outside Dhaka. As soon as the news was received, many units of the fire service were dispatched to control every fire in the capital. The fire was brought under control by about 20 units of the fire service from 12:30 pm to 2 pm. No one was injured in the blaze, but many were burned.

Meanwhile, DMP Commissioner Moha has expressed regret over the uncontrolled celebration of the people of the capital without following the instructions on Thirty First Night. Shafiqul Islam.

“It’s not a matter of stopping the fireworks,” he said. Cannot be held by hand. I requested not to set off fireworks. Teenage boys and girls setting off fireworks. Go home and see your little brother buying two fireworks. We can’t go from house to house. We requested that it be limited to the elderly, children and the sick. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day.



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