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Chelsea-Liverpool Man City won the thrilling fight

Chelsea and Liverpool face off in the English Premier League (EPL) high voltage match on Sunday (December 2). The match was crucial for both teams to survive the title fight. However, no one was able to win the match in the end.

The result of this draw at Stamford Bridge has gone to Man City, which is at the top of the league table! However, it is not the case that Liverpool or Chelsea could have beaten City if they had won the match. Even if you can’t go to the top, the gap is at least short. But where is it in this draw?

After this draw, City, which is at the top of the Premier League, has advanced by 10 points. And so even if the match is a draw, the real winner is the ‘third party’ Man City.

After falling behind by two goals, Chelsea turned around brilliantly. They sent the ball into the net twice in the space of four minutes. In the end the match was drawn 2-2. Although all the goals were scored in the first half of the match.

Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah scored for Liverpool. Chelsea’s two top scorers are Mateo Kovacic and Christian Pulisic.

In such an important match, Chelsea did not include their most expensive player Romelu Lukaku in the team. Tukhel did not keep him in the team as he had made explosive remarks a few days ago.

Less than a year after coming to Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku joined the English club from Inter Milan in early August this year. Now he wants to return to his former club Inter Milan.

“I am fine,” Lukaku said in an interview with Sky Sports Italy. But I am not satisfied with this situation at Chelsea. Tukhel is trying to play the team in a different way. Now I have only one option, to give up and continue as a player. ‘

However, after that interview, Chelsea coach Tukhle got angry. At first, Coach Tuchel was a bit skeptical, saying that some things could be taken out of context.

However, the coach had a closed-door meeting with Lukaku. According to Chelsea’s reliable sources, the coach was on fire. The results of which were seen in the squad announced on Sunday (January 2). There was no place for him. As a result, Belgium forward Lukakur is not playing in one of the most important matches of the season.

Arriving at Chelsea, Lukaku surpassed the total transfer price of Neymar Jr.’s football career. Throughout his career, Neymar has spent 310 million euros on a change of team. Coming to Chelsea cost Lukako a total of 326 million euros. Cristiano Ronaldo has spent 230 million euros since leaving Sporting Lisbon.



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