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Concerns over Omicron ahead of Beijing Olympics

Before the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympic Games, a new variant of the Corona Omicron has created new fears.

The health of athletes at The Yanking Village, the Games’ home venue, is now at risk. However, the organizing committee of the Beijing Olympics has assured that all measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the disease.

Corona infections have been greatly reduced since vaccine activity began worldwide. But after the arrival of the new variant of Corona Omicron, there seems to be a new panic among the people. Sports events are at risk. This includes the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Yanking Olympic Village, the home venue for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Athletes from different countries will come and stay in this village during the games. Apart from this, various events will also be held here. So there is concern about the health and safety of the staff, starting with the athletes.

Ian Jiarong, head of the press release for the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said: “We think it is a challenge to prevent the spread of corona in such a large event as the Olympic Games. But we also believe that nothing is impossible.

“We’re doing everything we can to prevent an epidemic around the Olympics,” Ian said. During the games, human contact is avoided as much as possible, the process is being taken. In short, it is impossible for us to successfully complete an event like the Olympics without an epidemic.

Yanking has the country’s National Alpine Ski Center and National Sliding Center. Events such as Alpine Ski, Bobslaze or Skeleton and Loose will be held at these venues.

With less than two months to go before the Beijing Winter Olympics begin. The venues are already ready. However, the organizers said that it has been a challenge to prepare the venues in Corona.

After the Tokyo Olympics, the Beijing Winter Olympics are at risk. Although the Tokyo Olympics were finally postponed due to the Corona epidemic, a new variant Omicron has raised fears in China about the Winter Olympics. However, the Beijing Olympic Committee is looking at how to organize the Olympics fairly and beautifully, ignoring all the uncertainties and fears.

The Olympic venues have been prepared in its continuity. A total of 12 venues, including the National Ski Jumping Center, The Zhangjiaku National Cross-Country Skiing Center, and Genting Snow Park, are fully equipped to host the Games. However, there were many challenges, said Wang Jingshian, the venue’s manager.

“We are facing many challenges in the construction of the venue during this epidemic,” he said. Because many construction workers have been affected by Corona. We have to go through this difficult time.

Some venues are already infrastructurally advanced. However, there are also newly renovated venues. In all cases, the place of convenience of the athletes has prevailed. In this regard, Wang Jingshian said, “We can guarantee that there is no possibility of any athlete getting injured due to the facilities available at our venue.” We believe that the Olympic Games will be held here without any accidents.

Chen Rankin, deputy facility manager at Genting Snow Park, said the ski resort has everything from cable cars, ice making equipment and other equipment. It has everything you need to make a venue.

Meanwhile, tourists are now flocking to Genting Ski Resort, one of the venues of the Olympics, to enjoy white ice skiing.

Note that the Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, China in February next year.



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