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Consult experts that deal with foreign powers on election issues

Consult experts that deal with foreign powers on election issues

International relations analysts believe that the actions of foreign powers or interference on the issue of free and fair national elections cannot eliminate the deficiency of democracy. Rather, it will increase the division within the country and create opportunities for profit. Therefore, analysts suggest to be strategic in geopolitical diplomacy and give importance to economic development. They also advise the government to be more careful about democracy and human rights.

The European Union (EU) environmental monitoring delegation is coming to Bangladesh on a 15-day visit on Saturday (July 8). During this visit, the party will meet with all parties including the steps of the electoral structure. Based on their report, it will be decided whether the EU observation team will come to Bangladesh elections.

On the other hand, the US high-level delegation will visit Dhaka. Analysts see the visit of the country’s different levels of delegation as part of geo-diplomacy, six months after the ban on RAB, a new addition to the US visa policy conditional on holding Bangladesh’s national elections.

According to them, foreign power can never strengthen the democracy of an independent country. Rather, international relations analysts advise caution about their actions.

Professor Imtiaz Ahmed, an analyst of international relations in this regard, told the news that foreigners will never come and solve it or are not going to do it. Rather, they increase this division to their advantage, whether they do so unknowingly or not.

After trade, democracy and human rights occupy a major place in the foreign diplomacy of Western countries. Keeping this in mind, analysts also believe that Bangladesh, which has become important due to its geographical location and changing world conditions, is keeping its position clear.

Former Foreign Secretary Professor Shahidul Haque said that the world is in a state of turmoil. A world order has collapsed. Another world order is on the way. At this time such conflicting events will happen. Since Bangladesh is in an important place in the Bay of Bengal, the location of Bangladesh will be discussed globally. Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has always said that we are with everyone, we have no enmity with anyone.

Experts suggest that trade, security, Rohingya problem should be taken seriously in the game of international negotiations.

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