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Corona has two more oral tablets on the market at Rs 3,200 per dose

Health Minister Zahid Malek said that in addition to the corona vaccine, two American-made oral medications for corona sufferers, Nirmatrelvi and Retinovir, have been launched in the country from today. A dose will cost three thousand two hundred rupees. Must eat for five days. The total price of 30 tablets will be 18 thousand rupees. The drug is marketed by Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Health Minister Zahid Malek was speaking as the chief guest at the annual general meeting of Hijuli Diabetic Hospital in Manikganj on Thursday (December 30) evening.

“We are giving vaccines,” he said. Booster doses are being given. Infections in our country are now on the rise. We have to be careful. Giving lockdown in different countries. We have pledged 31 crore vaccines, including purchases. Of this, about 160 million vaccines have come into our hands. The first dose of 60 million vaccines and the second dose of 50 million vaccines have been given.

“We have been launching new vaccines since January,” he said. The vaccine will be given in each ward. Vaccines will be given in 20 thousand in 15 thousand wards in our country from 2022. So that we can give 4 crore vaccines. We have no shortage of vaccines. We need to adhere to hygiene rules to reduce the rate of infection and death.

Zahid Malek said that American-made drugs for people with corona have been approved for marketing in our country. Corona sufferers over 12 years of age can take this medicine. This is a milestone for our country. This tablet is known to be effective 6 percent. In every country in the world where new drugs for corona are released, we quickly bring them to the country for the people.

In addition to Health Minister Zahid Malek Swapan, Manikganj District Awami League President Golam Mohiuddin, Municipal Mayor Ramzan Ali, General Secretary of Diabetic Association Sultanul Azam Khan Apel, District Secretary Sudeb Saha, Vice President of Diabetic Association Nina Rahman and others.

At the annual general meeting, a proposal was passed to give 50 percent discount in medical field for heroic freedom fighters and 20 percent discount for life members.

A record 4,85,070 corona patients have been identified in the United States, which is at the top of the corona deaths and infections in the previous 24 hours until 10 a.m. Bangladesh time on Thursday (December 30), according to WorldOmiter, a website that tracks global corona. With this, the total number of identities stood at 5 crore 46 lakh 57 thousand 6 people. In addition, 1,006 people have died in the last 24 hours. A total of 6 lakh 44 thousand 262 people have died in the country.

Another 7,055 people have died in the world in the last 24 hours, according to the website WorldOmiter. On the other hand, 15 lakh 94 thousand 996 people have been infected in the first 24 hours after the identification of corona.



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