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Corona patients treatment instructions

Physicians have been advised to stop giving steroids to coronavirus patients. The Indian government has made such recommendations after reviewing patient-based guidelines for the treatment of Covid-19 disease.

Revised guidelines state that early or long-term use of steroid-like drugs may increase the risk of infections associated with mucorrhoea or black fungus.

In case of mild, moderate and severe symptoms of infection, the dosage of the required medicine should be explained and if the cough persists for more than two or three weeks, patients should be tested for tuberculosis or other diseases.

At a news conference last week, the head of the Indian Covid Task Force, Dr. VK Paul.

The guidelines further state that symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections other than shortness of breath or lack of oxygen have been identified as mild diseases. Those who are affected in this way are asked to go for isolation.

If you have coronary heart disease with mild symptoms, difficulty breathing, high fever and severe cough lasting more than five days, you should be admitted to the hospital for treatment.

People with shortness of breath, with oxygen levels fluctuating between 90 and 93, may be hospitalized. They should be treated with oxygen as a moderate patient.

Those whose respiratory rate is less than 30 per minute, shortness of breath and oxygen level in the room air are below 90 percent, their disease can be considered as fatal. They should be taken in isolation in addition to breathing assistance.



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