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Expedition to save Jatka in Meghna-Tentulia

A special operation is underway to conserve Jatka on the Meghna-Tentulia river in Bhola. Huge quantities of jatka and nets have been seized. The Fisheries Department has said that such an initiative is to increase the production of hilsa.

Jatka is being caught in the river in parallel and the administration is conducting operations. A ‘special combing’ operation has been underway in Bhola since December 30 to remove illegal nets. At the same time, the Jatka protection campaign which started last November is also continuing. As per the instructions, the local administration and the fisheries department are conducting joint operations to clear the river of illegal nets.

Fishermen are positive about the administration’s efforts to increase fish production. They say that the nets are burned with a very good operation. This will be good for all the fishermen. The fish they catch, they can’t even sell in the market. Later they rot. Then he threw it into the river again. If this net is banned, we will be able to catch big fish. We will benefit from this.
Meghna-Fisheries officials said that a large quantity of illegal nets including about 5 metric tons of jatka were seized in a special operation on the river Tentulia. In this regard, Bhola District Fisheries Officer SM Azharul Islam said, “We will continue this operation.” The campaign will continue till next February. So, wherever we find illegal nets in the river, we will remove all.

The four-stage operation on the Meghna-Tentulia river will continue till February 20.



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