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Free electricity without wire

Duca groans in labor at midnight in a remote Croatian village. Her Christian priest husband, Melatin, is walking anxiously. On the other hand, there is a big storm going on outside. From time to time lightning is passing through the chest of the black sky covered with clouds. Frightened by the lightning, the old midwife took the ominous sign of the baby’s birth, but Duca refused to accept it. Rather, he said with absolute love, my child will spread the light!

One of the wonders of electrical management in today’s world is the power grid in the United States. Numerous power plants and transformers connected to this complex electrical network, built over a hundred years, are spread over an area of ​​about 450,000 miles. Nikola Tesla is the name of the man who spread light in the world by connecting such a long region with this unimaginable connection.

One of the most talented scientists was Nikola Tesla, who wanted to give us so much more. If all went well, he could have given us free electricity.

To this end, in 1901, work began on a special type of tower in Shorham, New York. About 56 meters high, this tower is named ‘Warden Cliff Tower’. Placed in the tower, about 55 meters of conductive metal.

Tesla’s plan was to build the Warden Cliff Tower, as well as many other smaller towers around the world. These will reach the people without him. People in homes and factories will use electricity as needed. And no one has to spend a penny for it.

The Warden Cliff Tower was funded by JP Morgan, one of the wealthiest businessmen in the United States at the time. His big business was with biofuels. Morgan initially thought Warden Cliff Tower was being built to improve the wireless system. Whenever he found out about Tesla’s grand initiative, he stopped funding the tower.

No other trader wanted to approach Tesla. Millions of dollars would be lost if these things were made. Why would they hurt themselves so much! The Warden Cliff Tower was never built. Even after Tesla’s death in 1943, all of his work fell into the hands of the FBI.

Throughout the ages, the entire human race has been deprived of such a huge opportunity in the pursuit of the interests of some powerful people. And if Tesla’s unimaginable creations and all the opportunities were used, how far the world would not go forward!



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