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‘Green wall’ being used as an alternative to AC

The walls of the house wrapped in vines. These are not weeds, but many people plant the seedlings of this particular tree in their homes out of love for beauty and environment. In Europe, of course, there is a scene in a garment factory in Rangpur recently. And this special settlement is called ‘Green Wall’ in the language of architecture.

This kind of wall is another benefit. Controls home temperature. That’s according to a recent study. This is according to a study by researchers at the Sustainability Hub at Plymouth University in the United Kingdom. A study has recently been published in the Journal of Building and Environment.

British researchers conducted a special study on various houses built before the 1960’s. The basic structure of each house is almost identical. Their wall made of brick and concrete. For five long weeks, researchers measured the rate at which the sun’s heat was absorbed into homes. This clearly shows the role of ‘Green Wall’ in heat control.

The study found that homes with green walls absorbed about 31.4 percent less heat. In addition, the average daytime warmth in these houses is also much lower than five ordinary houses. This type of wall is especially capable of withstanding heat flow during the day.

Statistics show that home air conditioning systems are responsible for 16 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. Not only temperature control but also oxygen level in the environment is increased courtesy of Green Wall. Carbon dioxide is absorbed. As a result, green walls make the environment healthier overall.



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