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Guinness Book of Records for Christmas decorations

Keeping a collection of favorite things is a hobby for many. But when the amount of that collection is huge, it loses to others. And sometimes this collection can be a record. Guinness Book of World Records A 69-year-old woman in the United Kingdom has recorded a Guinness Book of World Records for her huge collection of Christmas baubles.

Sylvia Pope, a British woman, set the record by collecting a huge collection of Christmas bouquets. Sylvia’s collection includes about 160 hanging baobab necklaces. He will be bringing his collection to 2000 in the next couple of years.

Many people call him Nana Baubals for his huge collection. These attractive baubles are arranged all over the ceiling of the house. Besides, the exterior of his house is also decorated with attractive baubles. Like Mala, he has decorated the baubles with the sweetness of the mind.

In addition to the classic Christmas decorations, her collection includes many unique and quirky items. Each bubble is different in shape and color. Sylvia collects these Christmas items from around the world. Some baubles came from the iconic British department store. And his loved ones have brought something to different countries.

In an interview with the Guinness Book of World Records, Sylvia said she was fascinated by the beautiful bauble decorations on the roof of a friend’s house for a Christmas invitation. And since then the collection has started.

Asked which of his baubles he liked most, he said that the gift from his granddaughter, the beautiful royal tea-shaped bauble, was the most valuable and favorite of his.

Also in the special collection is a Royal Dalton Bowl made for the Queen’s Golden Anniversary. Her collection also includes crabs and food-shaped, lobster, hamburgers, popcorn and even telephone box-shaped bowls.

The guests always feel the joy of Christmas by seeing this decoration of his house. The children are amazed and delighted when they see her home decor. Christmas is a special day to give children a wonderful time. Sylvia said in an interview that she tries to make the children happy.

Nusrat Jahan Nipa working in a private development agency in Barisal. When life is monotonous in Corona, Nipa keeps herself busy with different ideas. In just one minute, he made the tower with 61 coins in one hand.

World record holder Nusrat said, “I have been trying since last year.” This year I thought I would try my best. I made the application. Maybe my effort will be completed. I applied last August. Then in September I tried to do the same thing on 24th September. Then after trying that day I dedicate all the evidence. Then on November 30, I received an email saying that my record had been approved. So now I hold the record.

It may seem easy, but in reality it is not so easy. After a few months of effort, family support and participation in accordance with the appropriate rules, the match was won. Not only the family, but also the relatives are happy that the image of the country has been brightened.



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