Home Politics How do experts view international power?

How do experts view international power?

How do experts view international power

Diplomatic analysts see the upcoming visit of the European Union (EU) election observation probe and US delegation as a normal process. However, they feel that such visits will increase in the next 6 months before the elections. The expert advises to welcome the international powers while maintaining the country’s interests.

A 15-day visit by the 6-member early election investigation team on Saturday (July 8) will conclude whether the European Union will send a full-fledged Election Observation Mission-EOM ahead of the next national elections.

Apart from this, Uzra Jaya, the Under Secretary for Human Rights, Democracy and Civilian People’s Security of the US State Department, will visit Dhaka exactly 3 days later on Tuesday (July 11).

According to experts, this strong delegation will also be interested in the government’s actions regarding the national elections.

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The geopolitical diplomacy of the Western world may have strong moves on democracy and human rights issues in the coming period.

However, seeing this activity as normal, they are advised to focus on diplomacy to maintain the country’s interests.

In this regard, the former foreign secretary. Touhid Hossain told the news, “It is clear that the United States wants the next national election in Bangladesh to be fair. That is why they are already making their point and taking some action. Undoubtedly, after the visit of US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Donald Lure, the under secretary is coming with human rights, must have something to do with the election.

I don’t think it’s right to look at it that way, whether it’s coming to create pressure or it’s coming for particular work. It is the geopolitical and geoeconomic part of any country including Bangladesh. You have to play with it. This is diplomacy.

Sharmin Murshid, chief executive of Brati, said, “They need to sit with us and observe the election, I don’t know whether it will happen during the election or not.” But it is important to observe from this moment.

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