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Hundred-year-old mosque under threat of river erosion

A 100-year-old mosque in Chittagong’s Chandnaish is under threat of river erosion. Which was rebuilt two years ago at a cost of one crore rupees.

The CC block on the south side of Debarkul Mohammad Shah Jame Mosque in Bailtali Union of the upazila has been shifted and depth has been created in the chest of Sankhandi. The soil of the river is constantly collapsing in the river. Large cracks have appeared. As a result, the Nandik Mosque is in danger of disappearing in the coming monsoon season.

Locals complained that the erosion was due to dredging of sand from the river. Not only mosques but also huge madrassas and cemeteries are under threat.

In order to prevent river erosion, work has been started initially with the cooperation of the locals. Hundreds of Geo bags are already being collected from the locals and dumped in the river. A 10-member committee has been formed to protect mosques and madrasas.
Committee chief Jamal Uddin said the mosque was now under threat. If CC block or sandbag is not provided before next monsoon, it may break. Because the soil on the south side of the mosque is collapsing in the river every day.

Committee member Qaede Azam Bakkar said sand was being extracted from the conch river by dredgers every day. The river is breaking.

Another member of the committee, Nurul Alam, said it was a 100-year-old mosque. We have to start working now to protect it. Otherwise the mosque will be washed away by the river. He demanded that the CC block be removed before the rains.
When contacted, Toyan Kumar Tripura, executive engineer of Water Development Board Division-1, said a project on river erosion was underway. We will start work to protect the mosque.

He later sent a team from the Water Development Board to inspect the area. At the end of the inspection, the team identified two and a half hundred meters on the river bank as risky. They said that the work will be done by dumping.

Nazrul Islam Chowdhury, a local MP from Chandnaish, said, “We have come to know about the river erosion near the mosque.” Quick action will be taken.



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