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In the parade, the formidable and indomitable form of Bangladesh emerged

The golden jubilee of victory and the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was celebrated in a grand parade. In this parade, the formidable and indomitable form of Bangladesh was presented to the world.

President. Abdul Hamid received the salute in the parade as the chief guest. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina and the President of India Ramnath Kobind enjoyed the event.

Ignoring the fear of the rising sword, Shani is the motivation to understand the share of the grain by resisting the enemy with the weapon. At the forefront of the parade was the mural of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of faith and dreams. Then came the portraits of the seven heroes and the well-equipped vehicle of the freedom fighters. Maj. Gen. Mohammad Shahinul Haque, General Officer Commanding, 9th Infantry Division, led the parade commander in the Victory Day parade.
23 contingents of different forces of the country took part in it. Contingents from 3 friendly countries and observer teams from 2 countries took part. The 35-member contingent parade of Bhutan, which was the first to recognize Bangladesh, also greeted the first president among foreign contingents.

During the war of liberation, cold war was going on on the stage of world politics. At that time, ignoring the bloody eyes of the United States and China, Russia and India stood for the rise of Bangladesh. The music of the largest 122-member Indian contingent spreads the melody of everlasting friendship in Parade Square.

A different kind of eye-catching parade of Russian contingents can be said to be happy and sad Bangladesh.

Part of a three-member US observer team that sent warships to the Bay of Bengal to stop the war of liberation seemed to show how extensive the diplomatic map of Bangladesh was. Another country that greeted the President as an observer was Mexico.

The multidimensional capabilities of the three armed forces were highlighted to explain to the enemy and the miscreants how formidable the soil of Bengal was. Pleasant flypasts and aerobatic displays of the Air Force show how safe the blue sky of Bengal is. The exhibition of various warplanes and armaments including Mig Twenty One shows that the country’s military capability is increasing in tandem with the times.

Activities and achievements of various ministries highlighting the well-equipped fleet.

Army Aviation and RAB’s FlyRest, adventure para commando members’ freefall jumps give a different dimension to the parade. All in all, the parade of Bangabandhu’s birth centenary and golden jubilee presented a colorful picture of a strong and indomitable Bangladesh.



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