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It is not possible to overcome backwardness without using science and technology: Mustafa Jabbar

Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said the role of teachers and students involved in technology education is immense to keep the wheel of technology moving. Telecom is very important in technology.

It is not possible to overcome backwardness without using science and technology. The first task of the Father of the Nation after independence was to form a T&T board, to become a member of the ITU, to establish a satellite ground station at Betbunia and to take initiatives to expand technology education.

He said that the visionary political Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made Bangladesh a leader in the world of digital technology by standing on the foundation laid by Bangabandhu in the development of technology.

He was speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony of the fourth three-day international conference on telecommunications and photonics at BUET in Dhaka on Wednesday (December 22nd).

The conference was organized by IEE Communications Bangladesh Chapter International in collaboration with BUET’s EEE Department.

Prof. IEE ICTP General Chair, Prof. Ramji Prasad of Arhas University, Denmark, BUET Vice Chancellor Prof. Satya Prasad Majumder, Head Professor of BUET EEE Department Kamrul Hasan, Chairman of IEE Bangladesh Chapter Prof. M Masiul Haque and BUET.

Noting that the International Conference on Telecommunications and Photonics is very important, Mr. Mustafa Jabbar, a pioneer in the development of digital technology, said that we cannot move forward without using science and technology. Proof of how helpful science and technology are.

He noted in his speech that the discovery of a vaccine within a year of the global corona epidemic was a great example of this. Our young society is extremely talented and creative, said the technologist who has been working on digital technology for 35 years.

He said, “After the launch of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 in space in 2016, our sons are managing it uninterruptedly even though they are not students of space science.” He emphasized the need for further research into digital technologies, including IoT, AI, robotics, blockchain and the need to build skilled human resources in these technologies.

Mr. Mustafa Jabbar, the inventor of Bangla language in digital technology, said that Bangladesh has today transformed into a technology device manufacturing and exporting country by overcoming hundreds of years of backwardness in technology.

Mentioning that in 2015, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the establishment of Bangladesh as a manufacturing and exporting country from a technology importing country. We are exporting mobiles to America. IoT products have been exported to Saudi Arabia. 63% of the demand for mobile phones in the country is being met from our mobile factories. We are exporting internet bandwidth to Saudi Arabia and India. Bandwidth will soon be exported to Malaysia and Bhutan, said the former head of various digital tradebodies, including BCS and Bassis.

The telecom minister expressed firm hope that there will be no union in the country by 2022 where high speed broadband internet will not be available.
He said optical fiber is already being delivered to every union in the country except 160 remote unions. He emphasized the need for the role of digital technology experts, including BUET, in initiating a revolutionary change in the agricultural economy of the country through the use of IoT devices in agriculture and fisheries.

He expressed strong hope that the introduction of FiveG technology would usher in revolutionary changes in agriculture, industry, health and other sectors in the country. At the same time, he stressed on the need to set up development and research centers on FiveG technology in all the institutions of higher learning including the engineering universities of the country and the concerned institutions under the Department of Posts and Telecommunications.

BUET VC highlighted the role of the telecom sector in the development of digital technology and said that we need the cooperation of the telecom sector for further research and innovation in this sector. He mentioned that the telecom sector would be very effective in sending their students to industrial attachments.



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