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Jaguar Land Rover has lost 9 million pounds in the chip crisis

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) lost 9 million, or 12 million, in the last three months of 2021 due to the global computer chip crisis.

This information has been revealed in the report published by BBC.

The UK carmaker sold 60,127 cars in the last quarter of the outgoing year. This year, the company’s retail sales are down 36.6 percent from a year ago.

Despite this, the company has earned 4.6 billion pounds. Which is 22 percent more than the previous quarter.

Thierry Bollore, chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover, said in a statement that although semiconductor shortages have hampered our sales this quarter, we have seen much higher demand for our products.

Although the company has warned that the chip deficit will continue throughout the year, it hopes that the deficit will gradually come to an end.

Meanwhile, JLR said that due to strong demand for the new Range Rover, its purchase order has reached a record amount of around 155,000.

Incidentally, the chip is vital for sophisticated vehicles. It depends on the features of the car such as touchscreen control, automatic emergency brake, reversing camera, fuel efficiency equipment and airbag deployment system.

Last year (January 26), industry figures showed that last year’s UK car production fell to its lowest level since 1985.



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