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Jahangir used to bring yaba from Cox’s Bazar with ‘beauties’

About half a hundred people work in the Yaba Syndicate of Jahangir Sarkar, the newly expelled organizing secretary of Gazipur District Chhatra League. Among them are more than one woman.

They are taken to Cox’s Bazar for picnic or leisure. Yaba consignment was brought back. DJ parties are often organized in different areas of Gazipur. Yaba is sold to guests at parties. Detectives came to know this information after arresting Jahangir along with drugs and women.

Four drug dealers and carriers were arrested on December 16 on charges of smuggling yaba by setting up a special chamber under a private car. According to the information given by them, the name of Jahangir Sarkar, the organizing secretary of Gazipur district Chhatra League, is mentioned as the mastermind of this yaba syndicate. After the news was spread, the Central BCL expelled him.

After reviewing the information of the four arrested accused, the detective police found Jahangir’s involvement in Yaba’s business. He was arrested along with women and drugs.

In 2020, Jahangir went to Cox’s Bazar alone and brought a consignment of 6,000 pieces of yaba from Mahajan Mohsin. This is how his yaba business started. Later, two members of his syndicate brought one consignment after another to Gazipur through Rubel and Rakib. Where there are 10 to 12 dealers.

Jahangir said Rubel and Rakib advised me that doing business would be profitable. At that time I used to travel from Cox’s Bazar to Mohsin via Rubel at different times and bring them. My drivers Rubel and Rakib used to go. I used to travel by plane and bus from time to time. And Rubel started the business by introducing me to his employee, Mohsin. From there I would buy it for 75 rupees and bring it to Dhaka and sell it to some of my dealers for 110-120 rupees.

In Gazipur, Jahangir has formed a huge yaba syndicate. Where about half a hundred people work. There are more than one woman. Behind the regular DJ parties, drug dealing is done with women. His elder brother Alamgir Sarkar assisted him in this task

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Joint Commissioner. Haroon Aur Rashid said, “We have found in the investigation that Jahangir’s student got involved in politics mainly to run this drug business.” We noticed he hired some girls and kept them with him all the time. Here he also organizes dances and songs and from there he brings the sons and daughters of many rich people who are addicted to yaba and drugs. They went to Cox’s Bazar again with some beauties and from there they brought yaba again by car.

Jahangir has leased MC Bazar in Sreepur of Gazipur district for one year at a cost of Tk 63.25 lakh. From where his monthly income is about 20 lakh rupees. There are many more businesses.

The deputy police commissioner of the Gulshan division of the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police said he had leased an entire market. He made money from there. In addition to the various side business. He has become the owner of Garments with various earned money. We learned that he started the yaba business after one of his family members was diagnosed with cancer, and to do so he bought several cars in his father’s name and specially modified them. He used to run yaba through that modified part.

Police say Jahangir has also sent female members of his syndicate to various DJ parties in India.



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