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Muslim blogger Nas at the top of popularity

In this age of video frenzy, it’s hard to find people who have never heard the popular tag line ‘That’s one minute, see you tomorrow’. And, of course, this tag line has been popularized by the content creator organization, which, of course, is also known as ‘Nass Daily’. One of the most popular content creators in the world. The number of followers has already surpassed the world’s major media like BBC and Al-Jazeera.

Nass Daily started its journey in 2016 on Facebook. The page currently has more than 200 million followers. If you click on their page once, you will see that there are at least 30-40 thousand likes and other reactions to each post, including 2-3 thousand people’s comments, even a few thousand shares. And the number of subscribers on YouTube has exceeded 60 lakhs.

How much do you know about Nass Daily, who is intoxicated by the beautiful presentation with a smile in front of the camera? ‘Who is this nose? What does he do? Why does he upload so many videos on Facebook? ‘

Nasser’s journey started from his travel addiction. Nass himself showed the way how to travel the world with little money.

Nassair Yassin aka Nass, a smiling man who appears daily on the Nass Daily page, is an Israeli Muslim citizen. As we see Yasin laughing and mixing easily with everyone today, he was not like that at all in his childhood. He himself has admitted this in his various videos. As a child, he was quite shy and had a low sense of sociality. However, with age, Yassin’s mentality began to change. The boy who once held himself captive in a circle of shame is the inspiration for millions today. Besides traveling the world, he is also working to increase the social awareness of the people.

Through his travels, Yassin has tried to highlight different aspects of people’s daily lives in different parts of the world. This is how the graph of today’s hugely popular Nass Daily began to slowly rise. Yassin claims that his thoughts are no longer the same as those of eight or ten bloggers.

Her one-minute videos also put her in a position to stand out from other popular content creators on various platforms. Again, where everyone goes, he refuses to go. Rather, he traveled to different parts of the world to give his viewers a clearer idea of ​​the vastness of the world. The beauty of the lesser known places like Rwanda, Tanzania, Malta is highlighted in front of everyone. According to Yassin, much of the world remains undiscovered. He claims that he has visited places where most bloggers do not go.



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