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Narayanganj is like a festival city around the election

Narayanganj has become a festival city around the election. Despite the counter-allegations, the two heavyweight candidates are busy campaigning at the last minute.

Naukar Ivy is sure of his victory but has called on the Election Commission to be extra vigilant at polling stations on polling day. Independent candidate Taimur, on the other hand, sees the victory of the elephant despite allegations of arrest of leaders and activists.

Another name for voting in Narayanganj is like a festival. That is why the city election has become the food for organizing the joy at the last moment. Candidates are seeking votes from these voters of different colors and styles. The city dwellers involved in that event.

Awami League mayoral candidate Selina Hayat Ivy started campaigning from Deobhog area on Thursday (January 13th) morning. Sometimes rickshaws sometimes want to vote on foot in the alleys of their area. At this time, the mayor, who was elected in two terms, was soaked in the happy wishes of the leaders and workers.

Ivy said voters will be in his favor this time around as part of his development. However, he urged the Election Commission to remain vigilant on polling day.

Ivy further said that the people will vote for the boat as the tide has risen. Never involved in any violence. I never told anyone to catch it or do it. I just want the polling station to be clean, so that no terrorist can cause trouble there. Let my voters go to the polls.

Independent candidate Timur, on the other hand, started the day’s campaign from the city’s Killerpool Water Development Board Dredger Office Colony.

Police are harassing leaders and activists in the name of search. He also alleged that the administration was working to win the government party candidate.

The total number of voters in this election is 5 lakh 18 thousand 361 people.



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