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Omicron: Advise the Bangladeshi government to be strict

The ignorance of the common man is several times more than the rate at which corona infection is increasing in the country. There is no school-college, public transport, market or shopping mall.

Apart from this, there is no visible step in enforcing government restrictions in the field. Experts advise the government to be more strict in this situation. Besides, they are also talking about closing educational institutions, fairs, religious meetings and tourist centers for two to three weeks.

This is about a month after the detection of a new type of highly contagious corona, Omicron. Pretend not to see even knowing everything. The act of not listening is going on.

From the very beginning of Corona infection, there are various instructions and prohibitions from the government. No mask no service is still running. But the image of public transport says, Qazi’s cow is in the book, in reality the barn is empty.

Let’s come to the fish market. Thousands of buyers, sellers no less. Most of them are senior citizens. But it is also the responsibility to find the scattering of awareness. But no one is unaware of the rising tide of infection.

The seller of the fish market said that the corona that we have now is not more harmful by the grace of Allah.
An elderly buyer who came to the fish market said, “I hear the corona is growing again, I have left the mask at home.” An old man in the car said he had a cough so he didn’t wear a mask.

Experts attribute the current situation to the long-running decline in corona infection and at the same time the government’s laxity. According to them, although the government has moved towards various restrictions, in many cases those decisions are as conflicting on the one hand and not scientific on the other.

Professor Dr. Syed Khasru said that in order to handle the situation, it was suggested to vaccinate the senior citizens quickly and close the public places including schools and colleges for two to three weeks. He said the instructions need to be shared. Those that need to be hardened in the light of science need to be given more form. Implementing agencies need to be properly guided.

The chief scientific officer of the IEDCR said that although the infection that is now occurring is definitely being identified with Omicron, it is normal that Omicron will start to grow gradually. Omicron may be growing but has not yet been able to replace Delta, Delta is our pre-dominant here.

IEDCR Chief Scientific Officer. ASM Alamgir said, “We are looking at the data, 20 people have been identified, but there are patients in different districts of Bangladesh, it may not be in our identification.”

However, Professor Atiqul Islam, a public health expert, blames the increase in the number of infections on the socio-cultural programs and tourist centers.

Professor Atiqul Islam, a public health expert, said the school could be closed for a month.

He described the vaccination program in the country as satisfactory and suggested speeding up the process.



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